Review: Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor by Judy Mays

Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor by Judy Mays

Release Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Blush
Length: 599 KB
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Karalyn Marshall lives for revenge. She wants the officer responsible for her parents’ deaths dead, and she’ll do anything to achieve that end, including break the law herself. By night, she rides Bodmin Moor as a female “highwayman” who robs only British officers. Perhaps the army will send her prey to her.Adrian Warrick, Marquis of Ravenrook, is a haunted man. For six years he sailed the seas in the guise of pirate, searching for men the English Crown deemed too dangerous to live. Now they are all dead and he has returned to Cornwall. But the ghosts of those who died under his blade haunt him nightly and his soul is slipping away into darkness.Can the love of a woman bent on revenge save him? More, can his love replace her need for retribution?

Review: This story is filled with plenty of romance; it is thrilling, gripping and a page turner to the end. I was disappointed that it ended. I enjoyed it and wanted to ride along with the Midnight Angel on her quest for revenge.

The year is 1770, a time of highwaymen, pirates, smugglers, and redcoats; if you lived in London/Cornwall area that is. It is a time when the proper young ladies were brought out in season, to the ton of London in hopes to find a rich husband.

For Karalyn (Kara) Marshall, she was seeking revenge against the redcoats for the rape and suicide of her mother and the killing of her father and infamous highwayman. Kara the mysterious ‘Midnight Angel’…a Robin Hood of her time, steals gold from the redcoats and giving it to those in need in her small hamlet of Cornwell.

But on one raid she is challenge with a kiss from a pirate; Adrian, Marquis of Ravenrook. Adrian just as fascinated with Kara, the Midnight Angel, he sets out to win her at first for his bed but later for love.

Kara’s father, an infamous highwayman, and his wife were murdered in cold blood leaving Kara and her brother to be raised by the town’s Reverend. Kara and her brother Robert vow revenge on the men who murdered their parents and devise a scheme to bring about the enemy’s demise. That is why Kara dons the disguise as Angel and becomes a masked highwaywoman who along with her other masked bandits, strike at night, robbing the red coats of their gold and leaving one of them with a parting kiss, while her brother buys a commission as a lieutenant in His Majesty’s horse dragoons in London, hoping to find clues of their parent’s murderer.

Stealing a kiss as is customary, from the pirate, she finds that she is just as taken with him as he is with her.

Adrian is determined to find the elusive ‘Angel’ following her trail to London. His aunt is there with her niece Kara. Some coincidence, I think not?

His aunt knows the truth behind the identity of the Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor. Soon Adrian will find out as he is not that dumb.

He has his demons to deal with from his past and she has hers. Can these two find in each other the chance to love and heal each other from the past?

Not wanting to give away more of this captivating story, Midnight Angel of Bodmin Moor captures your interest from the start and keeps you captivated till the satisfying conclusion. As Ms. Mays, takes us from one extraordinary love that of Kara’s parents to the love of Kara and her pirate, Adrian.

I loved the secondary characters just as much as I did the main ones. Ms. Mays had a way of bringing them to life and giving or should I say starting their stories never once taking anything away from Kara and Adrian.

The mystery that she wove into the love story will keep anyone interested in finding out what will happen next. She did a wonderful job of portraying the vivid images of the characters and the countryside where the mist on the moors tends to swallow Angel and her band of renegades.

Ms. Mays also uses the poem, “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes’ to the fullest which adds to the intrigue of the story. I loved this story and highly recommend it. So find yourself a comfortable chair grab a nice glass of wine and enjoy the love story of the Midnight Angel and her Pirate.

I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Mays.

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