Review: Gifts Gone Astray by Linda Banche

Gifts Gone Astray by Linda Banche
Published: June 29, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 87 pages
Source: publisher

A gift is a wonderful surprise. Or maybe not.

At the Earl of Langley’s family gathering, everyone receives a gift, including the servants. Tutor Stephen Fairfax expects a small token, but the present from family member Mrs. Anne Copley, the widow who has caught his eye, is a dream come true.

Until he opens it. What a gift! How did that demure lady acquire such a book? And she wants to “study” the positions in it with him? If he accepts her offer, tempting as it is, he could lose his job.

Anne has no idea why Mr. Fairfax is in such a flutter. Her present is a simple book of illustrations. The subject interests them both, and she would like nothing better than to examine the book—and Mr. Fairfax—more closely.

Review: I found this short story pleasant. It kept you reading to find out what would happen but, it seemed to be missing something for me.

It was an easy read that you can easily sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and read in a very short time.

The story takes place in Cheshire, England in July of 1817. The Gage family is having their summer celebration and widower, Mrs. Anne Copely has arranged the presents for all invited. Two of the younger boys have taken and switched name tags on the gifts and Anne had to redo them. She finds that a couple is missing and hopes that they are going to go to the right people.

Mr. Stephen Fairfax is the current tutor for Lord Langley’s unruly son. Stephen having seen Anne a few months prior when she first arrived with her brother took a fancy to her right from the start.

Anne has also had a connection to Stephen. These two want so much to be together as they have things in common. Anne decides to send a gift of a book from her late husband’s extensive library. The book Anne sends ends up being the wrong one and Stephen thinks that this demure widow that he likes allot is maybe not what she seems at all.

Good intention’s go awry when two mischievous boys mess with the gifts. Will things work out for Anne and Stephen?

Ms. Banche, has a good story here and one that is enjoyable. I found that it seemed kind of hurried and left some questions unanswered. There are some characters that where in the story but seemed to be just that characters. I had a hard time feeling the depth of the characters in the story. But, overall a good light read.

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