Review: Eternal Soulmate by India Masters

Release Date:  July 20, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 129 pages
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

When Olivia Sheppard left the service, she had no idea what to do with her life. She never thought she’d wind up as head of security, and so much more, for trendy club owner and international mystery man Noah Lazarus. Breaking her rule of non-fraternization with the boss, Olivia and Noah begin a torrid affair.Steamy sex isn’t enough to win a woman like Olivia, and Noah knows it. But he’s compelled to win her. Unfortunately, he has a secret, one that may cost Olivia her life. What he doesn’t know is whether Olivia can love and accept him for who he is. Or whether he can keep her alive long enough to prove that love can last for all eternity.

Review:  HOT!  My Kindle is still steaming from reading Eternal Soulmate by India Masters.  With the perfect blend of paranormal, romance, vampires and spiciness, this book is an absolute must read for those who love all of the above!

Though new to the genre of Erotica, I found Eternal Soulmate to be sizzling yet tastefully written.  I simply adored the characters of Olivia and Noah.  Olivia was spunky, kick-butt and intelligent while Noah is hot, hunky, intelligent and very focused on his objective – getting his soulmate, Olivia, to fall in love with him. 
Finding an eternal soulmate can be over the top exciting, but it is also very deadly.  Noah must keep Olivia safe from a group called the Sentinel, whose goal is to take out vampires and their human lovers before they can expand on the vampire breed.  This group will stop at nothing to make their quest a success and Olivia is sharply within their sights.

Eternal Soulmate is a deeper and darker look at the vampire genre that is so predominate and popular in today’s literature.  This is definitely an adult read and not for anyone who is easily offended by sexual descriptions.  For me, this was just an addictive and fun read.  I absolutely loved everything about it.  The plot line of the story was fun and enjoyable and hooked me from the very beginning.  There are also bits of suspense thrown in, incredible heat, emotions and excellent characterization and chemistry between not only the main characters, but also the secondary characters of Olivia’s best from and Noah’s brother. 

After reading Eternal Soulmate I eagerly look forward to reading more by the incredibly talented India Masters!  

Favorite Quote:  Yesterday she thought about tasting him, but her dreams had been filled with him tasting her.  Normally she didn’t have fantasies about people she worked with.  It didn’t help that Noah Lazarus was a walking fantasy.  Everything about him was tasty and delicious, and she wasn’t prepared for the impact he would have on her after that dream.

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