Review: An Arrangement of Three by Anastasia Rabiyah

An Arrangement of Three by Anastasia Rabiyah
Release Date: October 5, 2010
Publisher: Purple Sword Publications
Page Count: 86
Source: purchased for pleasure

Sherri’s second chance at love is twice what she bargained for.

Safe, steady, straight on course to a happily ever after. That was Sherri’s life before today. Sure she’d had to give up things to make it work; her old home, her old job, not to mention moving to hellishly hot Arizona where she had no friends and her co-workers despised her, but marriage is a compromise, right? And she wanted marriage, with Roger. Dependable, reliable Roger. It all fell apart when she came home early and discovered that Roger wasn’t as loyal as she’d thought.

Her lighthouse in the stormy nightmare of deceit and infidelity is an old friend she’s never met in person, but who has always been there, waiting for her. David takes Sherri in, promising to keep her safe in his secluded cabin so she can recover. But Sherri isn’t safe at all when his roommate arrives home and knows with one look that he wants her. Two men vying for her attentions, one patient and kind, the other all lust, both harboring a dark secret that keeps them inseparable. A relationship like this can’t work, can it?

Cover notes / Warnings: menage: graphic sex, menage

Review: When I searched for the receipt to this book to name the source, I really hoped it was a freebie. Alas, I was disappointed.

I’ve never read anything else from this author, but this novel was quite slow and boring in my opinion. There were some great parts, and the story had a great outline, but it seemed like a teacher assigned an outline and it was filled in by someone who didn’t care. I did like the characters and the plot, but there was no heart in it. Twice I thought I’d finished the book, only to pick up my reader and find there was another chapter.

It’s a great idea and a great plan, but in the world of ebooks it is a common theme and plot. With no characterization I didn’t care about the book and felt no chemistry or connection. Often the characters did or said things that didn’t make sense. It doesn’t even stand-out in the erotica if you just wanted to read some sex one night.

I wasted $5 on this one. Hopefully I can save someone else $5.


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