Review: A Pirate’s Bounty by Eliza Knight

A Pirate’s Bounty by Eliza Knight
Published: June 22, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count:  81 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

1764 ~ When Faryn is captured by the mysterious and sensual dread pirate Captain Wraith Noir, who delivers her as a slave to the flesh-hungry court of the pirate queen, she expects her future will be bleak and death imminent. Lucky for Faryn, Wraith offers a different destiny—he wants her for his own.Duty, desire, passion, revenge and treachery besiege Faryn and Wraith. With the future uncertain, only fate, love and the truth will set them both free.

Reader Advisory: Contains a heroine experiencing the diverse pleasures of a pirate queen’s court, including f/f touching and scorching public sex, as well as mentions of traditional pirating endeavors.

Review:  I read this quick story in about an hour. I really like the short stories but some just leave you wanting so much more. Faryn and Capt. Noir are two people that you root for from the start. You want them to have a wonderful life because their past has been so crappy. Being a big fan of Pirate’s (Capt. Jack Sparrow can kidnap me anyway), you want and hope that Faryn falls for this sexy Pirate.

In 1764, Faryn and Captain Wraith Noir’s paths cross and fate deciding to step in to give them a future that is full of love if they can just get past the secrets from their past and present.

Faryn finding herself unable to sleep one night decides to go for a walk along the water only to be captured by pirates where her fate is about to change. On the ship she finds that she is about to be sold a slave, not just any slave but a sex slave? She tries to escape only to be stripped and beaten.

Upon arriving at the island of Queen Orelia the Pirate Queen, Faryn finds herself in a beautiful castle where wine flows in the fountains. Faryn right away gets a taste of what this place is all about when she is right away targeted by a few of the slaves, who shall I say taste Faryn covered in wine. It is an experience that Faryn, being a Lady had never experienced but finds quite pleasurable.

By this time Captain Wraith decides he must have Faryn for himself, as he thinks she will be able to help him leave piracy behind and obtain his old life.

Wraith must strike a deal with the Queen in order to have Faryn for himself. He is able to do this and off they sail to fix the secrets of the past and the present.

Ms. Knight weaves a splendid tale filled with, desire, sex slaves and secrets, are just around the corner. I enjoyed this sexy little story of the Pirate and the woman he saves from slavery and falls for her himself.

Anyone who loves Pirates will enjoy this fast paced story of romance.

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