Meet the Reviewers: Tee

Hello, my name is Tee, short for Theresa. I currently reside in Michigan, where I was also born and raised. I’m a mother of a teenage daughter, 5 cats, and the wife of a hard-working man. I am a school crossing guard for a local school, as well as a cook for a middle school cafeteria. In my spare time I like to scrapbook and make scrapbooked craft-cards. I am an avid book-reader. I’ve been reviewing books for a while and this site was recommended to me by a friend. Tori Carrington is on the list of my favorite authors, and I would be hard-pressed to just choose one favorite book or genre, which is obvious by the amount of books I’ve collected over the years. I am open to reading contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and erotica. I prefer books in print format, but I do understand if they are not available.