Meet the Reviewers: Ashleigh

Hi everyone I am Ashleigh. I am a voracious reader, of anything romance. At the tender age of 26, reading and loving the romance genre has been a favored past time of mine for as long as I have been able to pick up books. At any given time you can find me with my iPad reading or pulling out a trusty paperback book from the craziness known as my purse. If I have a spare moment I fill it with books. Being the baby of 6 children left me lots of alone time and books always called to me. After college, where I majored in Comparative Literature and Psychology, books were always a place of comfort so when the opportunity to review came up I jumped at the chance. Having only jumped into reviewing a few months ago, I have been introduced to a multitude of authors and I love not only telling a fellow reader about them but letting that author know they touched my life in a way with their words. If I get even one person to enjoy reading a book I reviewed, all the hard work would be worth it. Originally I hail from Indiana (such a small town most people have never even heard of it), but I moved to Iowa to be closer to my mother’s side of the family. My favorite author is Laurell K Hamilton with her Anita Blake series. I have fully embraced the e-book trend – and found that I have so much room left in my purse because of it-but I still keep a good amount of “real” books which are always nice to read (and re-read) from time to time. I’m super excited to be joining RtB, and can’t wait to help others love reading as much as I do.