Interview: Nevea Lane

Jen:  Please help us welcome Nevea Lane to Romancing the Book.  Nevea, will you please share a short bio with us?

Nevea: Nevea Lane is an interracial romance author that lives everywhere. Why everywhere? Because she lives where her mind takes her. Wherever that may be, whatever that may entail, leave it to Nevea to find a new place that has previously gone unexplored.

Nevea Lane is currently residing in the Midwest. Her life has taken her on many travels and adventures. From the tops of the Swiss Alps, le Metro of Paris, the busy street of Adams Morgan in Washington D.C. to the quietness of Montana. She has called herself a geographic mutt, that your home is where your heart takes you for the moment. Right now, her heart has led her to the rolling plains of Minnesota, living a secluded hermit’s life until her characters have decided to stop chatting, or the muse leaves to pester someone else. She has received many marriage proposals, but has not yet decided to make that leap. She is looking for more than just a spark, she is looking for a forest fire… until she finds it, let her entertain you.

Jen: Tell us about Ronni’s Romanian.
Nevea: Ahhh yes, this is my latest endeavor from Beautiful Trouble Publishing. This book came to my mind in May 2010. It was finally released in November 2011. The character Lucian came to me first and sort of sat there.

Lucian – I did not just sit there. I wasn’t a muse.

Nevea – Ok, you brooded there until I could work out your family history, your habits, your traits and your attitude. I even found out about your favorite books. I’ll admit, Lucian wasn’t a muse per se, he was more of an aura that came and sat in the room whenever I sat down to write.

Lucian – Thank you I think.

Nevea – Men. Anyway, Lucian Covaci is a corporate raider with a deeply wounded soul. The book begins at his mother’s funeral in Romania…

Lucian – Do we have to go there?

Ronni – It’s ok babe. You aren’t there any more, besides, you found me. Hi, I’m Ronni, his main squeeze.

Nevea – Since you two are interrupting, please meet Ronni Cadell, the heroine of this story. Her business is in Lucian’s sights as the next thing to buy out and get himself a nice commission. So Lucian decided to show up at a charity fundraiser hosted by Ms. Cadell.

Ronni – He stalked me. He won’t admit it, but he was trying to get all in my business, well in order to get my business.

Nevea – You say that with a smile on your face?

Ronni – Oh yes, and a satisfied one at that. Lucian needs me, and I need him.

Nevea – As you can see, it takes a strong woman to be with someone like Lucian. Ronni’s name means strong. I knew that in order to be able to be with someone who is strong because they’ve been hurt, they need someone who is of the same cloth. Ronni and Lucian both have been hurt, but sometimes you discover that you can’t let hurt stop you from living life. I’m proud of this book and it really did shine, thanks with the help of the Beautiful Trouble Publishing clan.

Lucian – I would say they brought out my best qualities.

Ronni – Oh for sure! We have people already asking what is next for Lucian and I. We will let Nevea rest before we bother her with our ideas for my dad and Lucian’s friend and partner.

Nevea – Gee thanks guys. Off you go now, the rest of the interview is about me!

Jen: How does your family feel about your career?

Nevea: My family says as long as names have been changed and they cannot be incriminated or called to testify then write your heart out. My love interest is happy to give me lines and sentences every so often and says ‘put it in a book’. So I think they are great with the fact that I write steamy romance.

Jen: Describe your writing in three words.

Nevea; Funny, tangible and cognizant. I like to write to make people think without realizing they are thinking.

Jen: What are your biggest motivations to write? What keeps you going?

Nevea: My motivation is the belief that I will always have a story to tell. I observe people and ask the ‘what-if’. We all have different lives, and we all think different, so I like to pose questions like ‘what would you do?’ In writing you can take a scenario and give the characters wings that we wouldn’t have in real life. They can do the things we can’t. What keeps me going? People. The human mind is always working and we are always seeing something happening. Everything has a story, our jobs as writers are to tell that story.

Jen: How much influence does the editor have over the story or characters?

Nevea: That is the beautiful thing about where I’ve submitted my books. The staff and crew with Shara Azod Presents and Beautiful Trouble Publishing have only tried to enhance my writing, not change my characters. They have no influence over the story but the chance to make it better.

Jen: Do you become attached to your characters and have a hard time letting them go, or are you happy that their story is told and you can move on?

Nevea: I become extremely attached to my characters. I think there is a some small part of me that tries to leave a window open so they can always come back to me and say “You know what happened to me?” and I’m waiting to listen. I love creating the types of characters that leave you knowing them intimately and yearning to know more.

Jen: What five authors or people, past or present, have been important to your writing? What question or comment have you always wanted to say to them?

Nevea: I would have to say first that Eve Vaughn and Shara Azod, those were the first interracial romance authors that I devoured. I realized then, there were people who liked to write what I like to see. Mary Balogh and Brenda Joyce, those two women pen some strong female characters in strange situations that I find inspiring. This last one is going to sound off, but Eminem. His music has been the soundtrack to my writing for years and I admire his personal triumph over adversity. To all of them I would say ‘Thank you for being you.’

Jen: Do you do anything to celebrate a sale, new contract or release?

Nevea: Oh yes, as my reward, I go thigh high shopping and wine collecting. My motto is you can’t write ‘sexy’ if you don’t first feel ‘sexy’. I have quite a vast collection of thigh highs that pair nicely with chardonnay, merlot or even cognac.

Jen: What’s the most interesting comment you’ve received about your books?

Nevea: “Where’s the rest? The book was so good I kept expecting more to appear.” I smile every time I think about that.

Jen: What’s next for you?

Nevea: This next year can be defined as thinking outside the box. I’m going to endeavor to write an epic love tale.

Jen: Where can you be found on the web?

Nevea: I’m all over:
Yahoo Group:
Twitter: @nevealane

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