Review: The Warrior by Violette Dubrinsky

WarriorThe Warrior by Violette Dubrinsky
Release Date:  August 3, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Page Count: 541
Source: ebook provided by the author

Outspoken, loyal, and skilled with the sword, Princess Jaisyn St. Ives of Lytheria is no princess of fairytales. After the unexpected death of her father, Jaisyn takes control of the kingdom, expecting to be called upon to defend her claim to a throne previously held by men. What she does not expect is the arrival of Vulcan Mor’an, the High King of the Northlands and the one man she despises above all, who seems to believe he is now the rightful ruler of her kingdom. Even as he provides support for his claim, Jaisyn refuses to listen. She will meet Vulcan Mor’an on the battlefield before willingly handing her kingdom to a barbarian she blames for the death of a loved one!

Born to a ruthless warlord of a father, Vulcan Mor’an is powerful, fierce and quite deadly. His prowess is legendary, and those who don’t fear the Northern Wolf, respect his skill on the battlefield and his reach beyond it. Vulcan prides himself on his strength, and with it, his lack of weakness. That is, until he encounters a spitfire princess intent on murdering him in his sleep. Jaisyn of Lytheria is unlike any lady Vulcan has encountered. In her golden body is a fierce adversary, a woman who does not cower in his presence like most but fights his every step with a stubbornness that both irritates and captivates him. This princess may become the one person capable of bringing him to his knees.

Warrior is the tale of two feuding royals, their attraction despite their differences, and the consequences that come as a result of their union. With various obstacles threatening to tear them apart, Jaisyn St. Ives and Vulcan Mor’an struggle to keep their relationship afloat, and with it, their very lives.

Review:  Sword fights, and battles, and royals, oh my! This story was an amazing journey back in time. With strong characters, a sweeping story line, romance and twists around every corner it’ll keep you engaged from start to finish. No, really I stayed up until five in the morning to finish this in one sitting. This Epic is one worth giving your attention to!

Our heroine Jaisyn is not your average princess. Instead of ladies in waiting’s and training on how to be a lady she’s allowed to spar with squires, and commissioned swords. Her skill, wit, and strength of character rival that of any man. Sadly in this day and time it counts for naught. It’s her unusual personality that sets her off on adventures fit for a king. When her Father dies and her kingdom is set to be handed to their enemies via marriage to her younger sister she steps in and takes her place.

The hero Vulcan is sexy, dark, viral and cold as the lands he hails from. Raised in the North he’s barbaric in comparison to Jaisyn’s people. This leads to sparks flying in and out of the bedroom.

These two characters have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. Their journey to discovery, is humorous , entertaining ,and at times downright heart breaking. At times the story can seem a bit over detailed, but in the same sense that Gone with the Wind is over the top. It’s all a part of reading an Epic.

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