Review: The Ice Bridge by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The Ice Bridge
The Ice Bridge by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Release Date: November 7, 2011
Page Count:  222 pages
Publisher: Eternal Press a division of Damnation Books
Source: ebook provided by the author

She’ll fall in love again…with a man and the island. Charlotte returns to her Aunt Bess and Mackinac Island, a quaint retreat that welcomes summer tourists and allows no cars to renew herself and write about the island’s ghosts. She’s come to help Bess with her heartache, an ended love with Shaun, and to renew a friendship with neighbor Hannah. In winter Mackinac closes down and everyone looks forward to the ice bridge that freezes across the Straits of Mackinac. Until Hannah disappears into the icy waters crossing it. Everyone says it’s an accident. But Charlotte and her admirer cop friend, Mac, don’t think so. Something isn’t right. Hannah was too smart to go off the path. So it’s murder…but why…how…by whom? In the end, it’s Mac-and perhaps Hannah’s ghost-who saves Charlotte and Bess’s lives when the killer decides they’re too close to the truth and tries to kill them, too.

Review:  This was a truly compelling story that pulls you in from the very first page to the very last, and leaves you wanting more.

I loved the way the strong characters each stood out on their own but yet couple with the other ones they made a very lovely family unit. They made you laugh, tug at your heart and even cry. At times I wanted to jump right into the story and help them, give them the hug that they so needed.

There are ghosts shrouded in mystery, romance amidst murder, strong friendships and loveable people that make you want to move to Mackinac Island.

Charlotte decides to move in with her Aunt Bess who lives on Mackinac year round. Having gone there summer’s long ago she knew this was a place in which she would be able to heal from a broken engagement. Her fiancé called the wedding off via email, marrying her best friend. Needing to heal she feels that fall and winter on Mackinac would be the perfect place to go. Quiet and secluded now because the “fudgies” as they call the tourists are gone.

While riding the ferry over to the Island a man tries to engage her in conversation but not wanting to be bothered she tends to blow him off. After reaching the Island he is there again this time to help her transport her things to her aunt’s house. Starting again he introduces himself as Mac (a policeman on the island).

Aunt Bess welcomes Charlotte with open arms and things pick up as if Charlotte has never missed a summer at all. In fact she hasn’t been to the Island in something like twelve years.

She gets reacquainted with the spunky lady next door who is a surrogate grandmother. Hannah…

Hannah thinks of Bess and Charlotte as family. It is a miss matched family but it works.

Charlotte has decided to write a book of ghost stories on the Island. With the encouragement from Mac, Bess and lovable Hannah she starts her book. She has settled into life on the Island even taking a job at the Inn allowing her time to pursue her book.

As the story takes us through the holidays we find out that Bess is in love with a gentleman from Ireland who works on the Island in the summers. The hitch, he is married. He leaves at the end of the season because he goes to take care of his wife who is sick.

Hannah seems to be the wonderful matriarch of this family and helps Bess play matchmaker between Charlotte and Mac. Which doesn’t seem to work, Charlotte needs time and Charlotte also things Mac has a girlfriend. Mac allows Charlotte the time she needs and waits.

After the fun of the holidays things change and Hannah goes missing. Mac and Charlotte pull together only to discover that perhaps she has died on the Ice Bridge that connects the Island to the Mainland.

Throughout the whole investigation, Mac and Charlotte become closer; Bess falls apart but then changes. Hannah as a ghost helps…

I wouldn’t want to say to much more for fear of spoiling this grand story.

This story is wonderfully told. You have the eeriness of the Island that makes you believe in the ghosts that inhabit the Island. The romance for both Charlotte and Bess is so well written that it blends into the story to add the element of realism.

We have, Hannah, Bess and Charlotte, three strong women; who when together blend and form a friendship that is stronger than the bonds of a real family.

Ms. Griffith has outdone herself and shines with this wonderful this story, giving us an enduring friendship, gentle romance, murder, mystery and ghosts. I for one am ready to move to Mackinac Island and visit with Hannah, Bess and Charlotte. If only I could.

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