Review: The Dragon Laird by Deborah Y. Lynne

The Dragon Laird by Deborah Y. Lynne
Series: Dragon Spawn Chronicles (# 1)
Release Date: September 28, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Page Count:  270 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Enchanted as a child, Rhiannon grows up hidden, safe from a destiny that could be disastrous to her world. But when an evil sorcerer, seeking to destroy the Power of Two, opens the veiled gate that holds the dragons underground, Rhiannon must emerge. She must find the warrior marked with the dragon’s flame, for only he can defeat the evil devouring the land. Laird Dylan is a shadow in his own keep. Branded at birth with a dragon’s head mark, he is shackled to a cursed life. Now dragons lay waste to his land. But his duty to stop them is derailed when he meets a woman who is unafraid of his shadowed past–a woman he could love. In the midst of evil, Dylan and Rhiannon find a love more powerful than dragons and sorcerers. But will it be lost to save the world they know?

Review:  Magic, spells, dragons, sword fights, steamy romance… What more do you want in a book. You even get that happily-ever-after.

Dylan Connor MacGregor, didn’t believe in the old magic of the druids or their religion. His belief was live by the sword, bow and just plain old fighting. Born from darkness and marked with the dragon he thought that he was cursed along with everyone else. He was an honorable man and fair to his people he just couldn’t get past the fear of his mark.

While searching in the dark forest for two of his men that had gone missing, he comes to a secluded body of water, surrounded by peace and beauty. Within that water was a vision so beautiful. She had eyes so green and fiery red hair. To him she was a breath of fresh air. Little did he know that they were destined to become soul mates and put an end to the hatred of their clans? All he knew is that she touched his soul just looking at her and he would have her.

As the Rhiannon leaves her home she is thrown into the path of none other than Dylan. From the onset they are drawn to each other. There are some trust issues and accusations along the way but once they bind themselves together and become as one the story and the adventure take off.

The two work together, going into the realm of the dragons, finding the way to unite the clans and bring peace to their people.

Along the way Rhiannon finds out that she has been trained by her mother who is disguised as Dela. Together they cast a protection spell on Dylan’s hold.

Dylan in the meantime, with the help of Rhiannon and his brother goes on their quest, only to lose Dylan’s brother.

I found this story filled with a wonderful vision of fantasy romance, woven with vivid descriptions of the surrounding location and people that had me right there in the middle of the story amid the action and the romance.

From the interludes of passion to the fantasy realm to the chivalry and honor of men, left me wanting more. The whole time I was wishing that I were right there with Dylan and Rhiannon on their quest for peace. I canna wait to read more from Ms. Lynne

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