Review: Sybelle by Roberta Gellis

Sybelle by Roberta Gellis
Series: Roselynde Chronicles (# 6)
Published: June 16, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count:  454 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Sybelle, youngest heiress to the magnificent Roselynde dynasty, continues the story of power and wealth in a land torn by the threat of civil war. The time has come for the tempestuous amber-eyed heroine to select a husband. But, an independent and powerful woman, she will not relinquish her pride, influence and unusually extensive dowry to the will of just any suitor…until she meets Walter de Clare, the rugged, handsome knight who dares to rebel against King Henry III. Neither the devastation of battle nor nasty court tangles are able to destroy two free spirits whose love is so fiercely determined to survive. *Publisher’s Note: Originally published elsewhere.

Review:  This is the last book in the Roselynde Chronicles. Having read book five I decided to read six and was not disappointed. There were a few things that came out in the previous book not answered but still a strong book that stands on its own and makes you want to go back and read the other books so that you are able to meet the characters that started this whole storyline.

In Sybelle, we find Sybelle, Geoffrey and Joanna’s daughter, granddaughter of Alinor; heiress to the Roselynde lands and legacy.

Only sixteen but it is time to marry and carry on the line. Sybelle has fallen for much older, Walter de Claire, who along with the Earl of Pembroke are in a rebellion against Henry III.

If only things could be so easy for someone to find and have that one special person, but as always there is someone that stands in the way and in this case we have the Earl’s widowed sister-in-law. Earl’s sister-in-law also fancies herself wanting Walter. What is poor Sybelle to do?

Never fear Sybelle is a strong woman and when she comes up against this evil woman that is trying to interfere in the happiness and marriage of Sybelle and Walter she doesn’t stand a chance.

Ms. Gellis once again takes us into the lives of how strong women are and the men who happen to love those women.

I loved how she touched on the people from the other stories to tie them altogether. She has an ease with putting beauty and wealth together along with being a smart women determined to succeed. Why couldn’t they portray women being strong though out history?

This story takes us on a journey where we find out that all relationships have their ups and downs and if we have a strong beginning we can survive.

Sybelle doesn’t disappoint.

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