Review: Rhiannon by Roberta Gellis

Rhiannon by Roberta Gellis
Release Date: Original written in 1998 redone for e-books in May of 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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The Roselynde Chronicles, Book Five Possessing an unusual combination of shyness and wildness, Rhiannon is the raven-haired daughter of a Welsh prince. Notorious for loving and leaving the most beautiful women in the realm, Simon is the handsome nobleman and youngest son of Lady Alinor of Roselynde.When the two meet, romance sparks and burns into a love so strong that it endures battles, betrayals and their own fiery passions. While rebellion rages across medieval England and divided loyalties claim their hearts, they risk everything for eternal love.

Review:  Ms. Gellis takes us on a journey into history. She has a way in which it is so much more enjoyable to read it through her eyes then to pick up a dusty history book.

We find the story of a young girl Rhiannon; although she is shy she also tends to be on the wild side. Okay maybe it is easier to describe her as a bit of a free spirit. She gets that from her mom. She has her own beliefs and isn’t going to let anyone sway her in the other direction. Rhiannon’s father a Welsh prince thinks it is time for his headstrong daughter to settle down.

In walks Lady Alinor Roselynde’s son Simon. Simon is notorious for leaving a string of unsuspecting females wherever he goes, some being the most beautiful women in the realm.

From the moment Rhiannon and Simon meet there are romantic sparks. Over time their romance and love for each other burns so strong that it endures betrayal, battles and their own fiery passion.

Simon changes from a womanizer as he pursuers Rhiannon full steam with the blessings of her father. He loses interest in everything but his pursuit of Rhiannon.

Rhiannon on the other hand is determined not to find a husband but stay a free spirit in her native Wales.

While rebellion takes over Medieval England, even though they are divided by their loyalties they still risk their hearts for a love that is strong.

Rhiannon’s cat, Math gives much needed humor to the story and gives just the littlest hint of a possibility of witchery.

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