Review: Montana Wildfire by Rebecca Sinclair

Montana Wildfire, by Rebecca Sinclair; There were strict rules that kept them from being together, but rules were meant to be broken.
Montana Wildfire by Rebecca Sinclair
Release Date: June 9, 2011
Publisher: epublishing Works
Page Count: 625 KB
Source: ebook provided by the author

After her father’s sudden death, lovely Amanda Lennox had no money for the long trip from Boston to the ranch she’d inherited in faraway Seattle. When she saw the advertisement for a “wilderness expert” to escort eleven-ear-old Roger Bannister, III to Montana, the adventure-loving woman jumped at the chance, never guessing she’d end up lost in the wilds of Idaho… with a twisted ankle. Then an arrogant halfbreed on a palomino stallion came to her rescue and comforted her with is healing touch. Rugged ranch hand Jacob Blackhawk Chandler knew from experience that prissy white princesses meant trouble. He’d seen Amanda Lennox’s type before — haughty and citified and utterly unequipped to survive in the wide open country. He couldn’t just ride off and leave the lovely minx alone and hurt … but he sure wouldn’t be taken in by that sweet smile, either!

Review:  Amanda Lennox is on her way out west to a ranch her father has left her. With very little money she agrees to escort a young boy to Montana. Along the way they both get lost for a few weeks. The boy is a more then a handful he is a hellion. With Amanda stuck in the river as her ankle is caught the boy gives her a hard time. He finally goes to find help and when Amanda is about to give up Jacob shows up with the boy. Amanda is taken back as he is looks like an Indian something she was afraid of happening. Jacob has no desire to really help the white woman in the river. Amanda does not care too much for him as he is arrogant. They fight an attraction to each other.

A wonderful read by Rebecca. I have read a few other books by her and love her writing style. Amanda does not come across as snobby and yet she is a lady. She did not whine and complain the time they were out in the woods. You want to dislike Jacob until you learn more about his situation. I enjoyed the romance and the message that different people can come together and love each other.

Favorite Quote:  “He’s Gone” Jake said. And that, Amanda quickly realized, was all the explanation he was going to offer.

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