Review: Men Under the Mistletoe anthology

Click image to view full coverMen Under the Mistletoe
AuthorsJosh Lanyon, Harper Fox, K.A.Mitchell and Ava March
Publication Date: December 5, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press
Page Count: 349
Source: NetGalley

Baby it’s Cold Outside

A man receives the gift of pleasure at the hands of two expert lovers. Boyhood sweethearts get a second chance at romance. Two very proper gentlemen indulge their forbidden desires. And a Christmas tree farmer has an epiphany. It may be cold outside but these four holiday novellas will warm you up.

Anthology includes:
My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March
Winter Knights by Harper Fox
Lone Star by Josh Lanyon
The Christmas Proposition by K.A. Mitchell

Review:  I loved each of the stories in this anthology. Each one was super special in someway and I am so happy that I was able to read them all.

Lanyon- Friends reconnecting after quite a few years. At almost 80 pages this story goes through a lot. There is character development that makes sense. There is a plot that is resolved. There is a message to take away. This book has got it all. I expect nothing less from Lanyon as he is a talented author. I haven’t read a lot of this books but I am going to be changing that very soon.

Fox- Second chances. This story was super cute. It starts with heartache and end on such a good note. This one was 100 pages and needed all of them to tell this story. There is a bit of a magical quality to this one to make it an awesome holiday story though it doesn’t need to be read only during the holiday season. The way the characters reconnect is amazing and I really appreciated how the story didn’t just stop at the one night. There was almost an epilogue so you don’t have to guess that everything will be ok. The author tells you that the HEA is assured. Adorable story.

March- Friends reconnecting after quite a few years. I normally do not like M/M Regency novels but this author changed my mind. I loved this story. It was pretty short, about 80 pages but the backdrop to the story was just enough that the story could carry on. The two men in the story were really something. One of them is so hard and uncaring and the other is so full of remorse that I almost cried. But I cry at everything. Lol. There isn’t a lot to this story. It is character driven but the characters are so amazing that it doesn’t seem pushed or forced even though it is not a long story. I was so impressed with this story I have bough almost the entire backlist… my poor wallet. Lol. But worth every penny.

Mitchell- A last attempt to be together. I love this author and I was reminded why in this anthology. At about 80 pages, this author makes sure that I know the back story, get in touch with family members and learn their back story, and carry a plot through to completion while making sure that there is some awesome loving in the middle of it all. My only questions at the end of this story was- Please, may I have some more?

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