Review: The Marriage Murders by Bobbye Terry

The Marriage Murders by Bobbye Terry
Series: Briny Bay Mystery (# 2)
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Page Count: ebook (270 KB)
Source: ebook provided by publisher

Roxie Turner is back in the hot seat when the bridegroom of her latest wedding is pulled from the bay, apparently drowned under questionable circumstances. She’s dead on the scent to find his killer, but has other things to worry about, like the femme fatale who opened the naughty lingerie shop and the witch’s former connection to boyfriend, Greg.

Things heat up further as more people die in Briny Bay, and all from the same wedding party. Is Roxie’s career headed for demise at the same time as her love life?

Review:  I enjoyed this book even though it was a novella which format I usually don’t like. Also, when I read book 1 in the series, Buried in Briny Bay, I thought it was only A Rose in Bloom so I didn’t know what to expect this time around. I was pleasantly surprised since this book quickly caught my interest with all the action taking place in Briny Bay including a new naughty business opening on Main Street, a groom dying just before his wedding and then 2 other murders that quickly followed. There was laughter and romance in between all the mystery and a lightheartedness to the story. Roxie and Trixie, sisters who are amateur sleuths, really stole the show with their antics and once again helped to solve the case. If there are additional books in this series I would definitely give them a try and hope they are as good as The Marriage Murders.

Favorite Quote:  …”Look, I guarantee you misconstrued what he said. You’ve been all wrong about what somebody’s told you before. On more than one occasion if I remember correctly.”
“Like when?”
Shaking her head, Trixie put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. For instance, when Floyd told you he’d gotten me a surprise and mentioned it being red, compact and would speed up my day and you told me I was getting a red sports car, only for me to discover I had a new bagless vacuum cleaner at home.”…

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