Review: God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere

Release Date:  October 1, 2011
Page Length:  419 pages
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher
Katharine Geryon is living the life her family name has dictated, and why not? After all, it has given her a good job in the family company and a fine life with all the things she should want. But all that changes as increasingly disturbing events begin to occur: soot stains on the carpet, glimpses of strange black animals, and cryptic messages written on her bathroom mirror. Baffled and afraid, Katharine begins to doubt her own sanity.
At the same time, two charismatic men enter her life: Allistair, her new assistant at work, and Zachary, a well-heeled neighbor who just moved into her building. Katharine soon finds each of them inextricably entangled in her affairs. As her life becomes stranger and her dreams more terrifying, she realizes neither man is what he seems and that she’s caught in something far beyond her own comprehension. For the first time, she must reach beyond her own boundaries. There Katharine forges her first true friendship with Margot, a librarian who helps her discover what these men really are, why she’s drawn to them, and what they want with her.
The answer places Katharine in the middle of a fierce battle that forces her to decide between the two men fighting for her soul.
In the end, only one can be saved, but all three will be judged.
Review:  God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere is truly unlike anything that I have read before.  It is a “Good vs. Evil” fight for one innocent and unknowing woman’s soul.  Though I have read a large amount of paranormal and “Good vs. Evil” types of books, God’s Eye is told in a creative and very unique way. 
Two strange men suddenly show up in Katharine’s life; one as a neighbor in her building and the other an assistant at work.  Strange things begin to happen to Katherine – most apparently the appearance of soot marks and strange animals that appear from nowhere.  She feels an overwhelming chemistry and sexual attraction to both men and before Katherine knows it, she is having an affair with both of them.  Caught in a web, she soon discovers that there is much more on the line than just figuring out which man she truly wants to be with.  She learns that they are both in a battle for her soul and if she doesn’t figure out who is the “good” one and who is the “bad” one, her life will be doomed forever.
While I greatly enjoyed God’s Eye, I wasn’t blown away.  The story was unique and thought-provoking with several twists and turns, the characters were well written and the writing smooth.  I really enjoyed the surprises throughout.  I think that for me, the biggest drawback was just the continuous fight between the two male characters (Allistair and Zachary).  Yes, the story is based on the pure vs. evil idea; however the story seemed to focus on these two constantly at war with one another. 
With that being said, I really like how the author brings to light a fight that wars within all of us.  The choices we make within our lives, the ability to really and truly see truth and lies for what they are; to look deep, rather than just glancing our way through our life.  Is this a book that I would recommend?  Most definitely, yes.  I think that those who enjoy paranormal, based on an age old world rivalry will fall right into the story.  I look forward to reading more by this author in the future!
Quote:  The lures and traps were already out there and humans fell – willingly – into them.  They tended to stay within the folds and even set out to display the riches of their association, going so far as to recruit others.  No, there was no glory in capturing what threw itself into the boat.  He needed to get one already devoted to the other side.