Review: Emerald Moon by Ann Mayburn

Emerald Moon by Ann Mayburn
Series: 1 Night Stand story
Release Date: August 21, 2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Page Count: 38

Ben Hanson had long ago given up on love, refusing to believe he was worthy of it. When he is given the gift of a 1Night Stand blind date, he goes into it expecting nothing more than a night of savage pleasure. Instead he finds the missing piece of his heart.

Jude Carson has an impossible task in front of him. He has to convince the man he hasn’t seen in fifteen years that he still loves him with all of his heart and wants him back. A task made even more difficult by the horrible circumstances that led to their parting and tore their former pride apart.

Ben will have to learn that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is himself if he wants a second chance at the greatest joy he has ever known.

Review: I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It was sweet and a little heartwarming but way too short in order to really flesh the story out. The characters seem to be well thought out but you don’t really get to know them in 40 pages. The premise of the book was amazing, but not enough to really be able to do anything with it. There are a lot of issues in the book that could have been expanded on and really made this book compelling to read. Now, that being said, this was a great book. For the 40 pages you are interested in what is happening and you are so sad when it is over. I would love to give it a higher rating, but I couldn’t because I was left with so many questions. I wanted to see more. I haven’t read any others in this series and didn’t find it to be an issue. I became a little curious about the other characters that they mentioned and wondered if they had a story but it was in no way necessary to have read the previous ones. This will be a great book for right before you go to bed. You can sit back and read something short and sweet that will keep you smiling throughout the night and into the next day.

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