Review: Coyote Whispers by Rhian Cahill

Coyote Whispers by Rhian Cahill
Series: Coyote Hunger (# 3)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 122
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

“Doc” Gordie has tried to keep Steve McKenna at arm’s length, but the sexy coyote shifter is under her skin, in her blood and in her heart. No matter how much she fears what he makes her feel, she can’t bear to stay away. After he rescues her from a vicious attack, Gordie is helpless to deny the sizzling attraction burning between them.

There hasn’t been a day Steve has not wanted Doc in his bed, but bruised and bloody is not what he had in mind. The need for revenge is riding his coyote—almost as much as his aching desire to finally claim Doc as his own. But that will have to wait. He must first convince Doc the safest place for her is by his side.When a second attack draws them together, suppressed needs explode, leaving no doubt where they both belong. But danger is never far behind and Gordie is forced to make a fatal decision that could destroy all they’ve worked so hard to discover.

Review: This was my first foray into the town of Whispering Mountain, but I must say I like what I see. The story was full of adventure with a bit of mystery, romance, and scorching hot sex. What’s not to like about that combination? To further sweeten the pot, Whispering Mountain is a community of coyote shifters. Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. 😉

I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well done, and the plot kept you wondering what would happen next. I did find the female lead a bit clichéd in some instances, and at times the romance was a bit hard to swallow amongst the dangers.

Doc Gordie is the town’s only physician, and one tough cookie to crack. The death of her husband, and unborn child years earlier hardened her heart, and forced her to create a shell no one can penetrate. It’s this need to be self sufficient that’s kept her quiet about the strange incidents that are occurring at the clinic and her home. A brutal attack while she’s in the forest blows the lid off her secret, and places her in the arms of the one man she’ s been kept at bay for the past three years, Steve Mckenna.

Steve has known Gordie was his mate for years. In his youth the realization made him run for the hills. Unfortunately that hesitation left her single and she ended up marrying his friend. Years after the tragic accident she returns from college a woman fully grown, and every bit as beautiful and intelligent as he remembered. For the past three years she’s avoided him and thwarted his attempt to get closer. When an attack leaves her injured and under his care he decides her days of running are over.

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