Review: Alpha vs. Alpha by Francesca Hawley

Alpha VS Alpha
Alpha vs. Alpha by Francesca Hawley
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Release Date: October 12, 2011
Page Count/file size:  166 KB
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Alpha female Serena Goldwolf has spent a lifetime vowing never to be a submissive mate to any Alpha male. But all it takes is one surprisingly sexual meeting with Damien Blackwolf, a dissatisfied client of her shapeshifter dating site, and she’s down on all fours, wanting to be mounted by the hottest male on two legs—or four—whom she’s ever met.Damien Blackwolf doesn’t understand why the voluptuous Serena won’t admit they’re True Mates. To convince her, he decides to bring out her baser desires by dragging her off to someplace private to get to know her…intimately. But how can he convince her of their destiny when she runs away from him? Guess he’ll just have to hunt her down and persuade her.In a passionate battle of wills, there most definitely can be two winners.

Review: Take a dating service, and angry werewolf, who happens to be an Alpha and the co-owner of the dating service who is also Alpha and you get combustion.

Serena Goldwolf is part owner of Started this dating service; hoping to provide shape shifters with the help in finding their perfect mate. Serena is not in the market for a mate. She likes her independence and the fact that she is an Alpha and is not going to bow down to any male. That is until…

Damien Blackwolf walks into the offices. Damien is not a happy client of her dating service walks in and things change. He was set up with a stalking psycho bitch.

Causing a scene Damien is yelling in the reception area, hearing the commotion in the outer office Serena walks out to settle the issue when she finds probably one of the hottest males on the planet. As things start to heat up he almost takes her there in the office with a crowd. Not realizing she is in heat, she would have let him.

The chemistry between Damien and Serena is so intense you can feel it coming off the pages. Things heat up so much he takes her upstairs to his law offices to prove to her that she is his mate. Still not wanting to give up her independence, she keeps fighting him. No release in sight she finally gives in and they bind themselves to each other.

Running scared Serena heads for her families compound. She needs to talk to her mother. Where she finds out that thinking her mother was submissive all these years just wasn’t the case. Serena finds that she can still be a very strong yet independent woman and have Damien too.

This is a wonderful short story that makes you want more.

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