Review: All Hallows Evie by Cindy Spencer Pape

All Hallows Evie by Cindy Spencer Pape
Series:  Holiday Hearts (# 5)
Published: Oct 21, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count:  80

Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Holiday Hearts, Book Five. When Sam Holiday moves into his Victorian home the week before his thirty-fifth birthday, the last thing he expects is to find a ghost in residence. Especially a horny one.Evie Bonnell has been hanging around since her death in 1916 because she has unfinished business. She died before experiencing sex. She’s learned a lot over the years and has decided single, handsome Sam is the right man to do the job.Every year she manifests for several days before Halloween, and when she asks, Sam agrees to help. Each night, he teaches her a little more about sensual pleasure. Sam’s delighted that his demure ghost has turned into an eager hedonist, but not so happy that she’ll be gone after Halloween. Not only is she the hottest woman he’s ever had, but he’s afraid he’s fallen in love.Now it’s up to fate and the Holiday family magic to find a way for the lovers to stay together.

Review:  What a totally refreshing story. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or simply just enjoy the love story that had you wanting to know more.

From the beginning I fell in love with Sam and Evie, wanting them to have it all.

Sam Holiday, sexy hot and someone that dreams are made of buys a Victorian home in Charleston; complete with his very own ghost. Not just any ghost but a downright sexy one that just so happens to be a virgin. Evie wants to experience that sexual experience that she missed out on while she was alive.

Evie Bonnell lived in the house over one hundred years ago, where she died, being pushed over the bannister by her jealous sister-in-law.

Having died a virgin she was a ghost on a mission. The week of Halloween each year she is able to come back an become real on Halloween. Evie was always searching for the right guy, to help her loose her virginity, never finding him until Sam.

Sam comes from an old Celtic family where each child was born on a holiday and all were connected with the spiritual world in some way. So seeing and being able to communicate with Evie was no surprise to him.

Not wanting to ruin what happens next you will just have to read this enchanting story for yourself and fall in love with the unexpected.

Ms. Pape takes us on a paranormal experience that is so real.

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