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Ke aloha nō! My name is Marissa and after spending 25 years in the snowy mountains of California and Oregon, I have finally moved to the warm and wonderful state of Hawai`i. I grew up in Northern California near the coast, so beaches are not new to me, but the warm waters of the South Pacific are. I am a mother of one, grandmother of two and I have been adopted by a loveable Beagle who keeps me going when things get tough. Reading started out very early for me and my reading time is something I’ve come to work into my schedule whenever and wherever I can – on the bus, waiting in long lines, while eating alone and even in bars!

Currently packed away in a storage unit is the equivalent of a small library – probably about 50 boxes of books altogether. Then there are the new books I am starting to collect here in Hawai`i. I’ve probably added two more boxes already! And this does not include the e-books I’ve been amassing over the last few years… Hi, my name is Marissa and I am an addict. (Well, better this than something illegal.)

That old saying always seems to come back and haunt me: “So many books, so little time.” I have a TBR list I keep on my laptop and the fiction side alone currently has over 860 authors listed. I can usually knock off one or two of these books a month but the problem arises when I add five more at the same time. I read a variety of genres including romance (mostly modern and paranormal with some historical, western and anything else thrown in), erotica, mystery, thriller, and any combination of the above. I have also recently found the thrill *tingles* of gay romance. But favorites? So hard to choose… so I will bypass the standard authors that show up in these bios (J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, Christina Dodd, and Eloisa James) and throw out a few others. Deborah Coonts writes the Lucky series (similar to the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich but set in glitzy Vegas) which I found this year and am quivering with anticipation (movie quotes, anyone?) for the next book in the series (due in February). Jennifer Crusie can always bring me up when I feel down and the men in her books are to die for – strong, charming, funny and just lick ‘em up delicious. Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake series started out as captivating paranormal reads but over the years she has thrown a LOT of spice into the books and some of those sex scenes have gotten, well, *fans self* HOT. I always make sure I get the new book as soon as it comes out so I don’t miss out on anything! Misa Ramirez and her Lola Cruz mysteries are another wonderful read. As a shout-out, I love to read about places I know and Lola lives in Sacramento and travels the same streets I used to. This brings me to another new discovery: Neil S. Plakcy. He writes the Mahu series about a gay police detective in Waikiki-Honolulu. While the books don’t have a lot of sex in them, the sex that is there is pretty darn good. Plakcy has also written short stories that take place in-between the books and delve more into the sex life of my new favorite detective. I have two more books in the series to read and I’m hoping for more after that. On that note, I will tell you that my boxes are full of more authors whose work I love and I hope to share them all with you over time. Mahalo nui loa!

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  1. Dear Marissa,

    Thank you so much for your review of my novel, LAST RESORT (about Rena, who saves a B.C. resort and Neal, who thwarts terrorism at the Winter Games). You gave a thorough review of the book, with detailed remarks about plot and character. I’m thrilled you enjoyed my story and I’m heartened you thought the book was a good beach-read. This is my first book to be published, but I have many more to offer, so you’ve given me the confidence to forge on! I want you to know that the service you and other reviewers give to the reading public is vital and the way you raise the spirits of an author…priceless. Thank you again for your generous review and your enthusiasm for my work! (P.S. I live in CA now, but I’d much rather live in Hawaii, where you moved. Thanks for your tips on books to read, too!)

    Sincerely, Rolynn Anderson


    LAST RESORT on sale now; FADEOUT (October), SWOON (November); print & download





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