Meet the Reviewers: Deborah

My name is Deborah I live in North Carolina, I work in the pharmaceutical field. I LOVE to read and I love sewing/quilting. My family is very important to me, I have two sons, three grandchildren and a min pin (my four legged daughter). My sister and my mom are my best friends. I live with my sister and her family and we love animals. Our house has four dogs, two rabbits, two mini goats, one cat, one lovebird and 2 horses (stabled nearby).

I have a kindle and a nook so I read lots of eBooks and print books too (my bookcase is overflowing). I love reading romance whether it’s contemporary, historical, western (cowboy butts drive me nuts!), erotica, suspense and some paranormal. I have a personal blog that I started last year. Some of my favorite authors are Lori Foster, Maya Banks, Lisa Kleypas, Kat Martin, Kristin Higgins, Ashley March, Eloisa James, Christina Dodd, and many others!  I guess my favorite book(s) would have to be the series by Lori Foster, Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor including When You Dare, Savor the Danger, Trace of Fever, and there’s one more coming out next year. I very seldom re-read books but I have read these three twice each!