Interview & Contest: Selena Robins

Jen: Today we are happy to welcome Selena Robins to Romancing the Book.  Selena, will you please share a short bio with us?

Selena: Thank you thank you for this opportunity to showcase my work to your readers, I appreciate the support.

Genre-defying, witty, humorous, suspenseful, romantic and sexy–words used to describe Selena’s novels. A chocolate guru, she loves to dance with her dog, sing into her hairbrush and write in her PJ’s. In love with her family, friends, books, laughter, hockey, lively discussions and red wine (sometimes all at the same time). Selena is a dragon slayer who enjoys reading and writing sassy heroines and hot heroes (the ones your mamma warned you about, but secretly wished she’d dated a few in her life).

Jen: Tell us about WHAT A GIRL WANTS and where is can be purchased.

Selena: WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a contemporary romance for readers who enjoy a lot of spice, sexual innuendo, witty repartee, comedy, unexpected twists, sensual lovemaking scenes, and a splash of mystery in their books.

The heroine’s (Maddie) business is mischief….the hero’s (Alex) business is singe-the-eyebrows off a mannequin sex appeal and keeping secrets–together their businesses are booming–together they’re trouble–together they never expected their lives would spiral out of control and on a different path than they’d ever imagined.

Ultimately, What A Girl Wants is about friendship, love, commitment, family and forgiveness.

What A Girl Wants can be purchased through my publisher’s website, Samhain Publishing, Amazon (both Kindle and paperback version), Barnes and Noble and most e-book retailers.

Jen: At what age did you discover writing? When where you first published? Tell us your call story.

Selena: I was a book worm from the time I could read the alphabet and discovered I loved to write the endings to my favorite books at a young age. I’d read the whole book and then re-work the ending as I imagined it to be after the story ended. I would say my romance writing future was foreshadowed by winning first prize in a contest hosted by the Humane Society when I was in junior high. I wrote a story about two races that fell in love (the filly won the race and the stud).

I submitted What A Girl Wants to Samhain and like every writer, tried to put it out of my mind (but of course we don’t, we wait with anticipation). After two months, I received an email from the editor, telling me that she’d like to send me a contract. I was ecstatic, as I had read many books from Samhain and was honored that my book would be published by them.

Jen: Are there any other writers, published or not, in your family?

Selena: A lot of story tellers and artistic people in my family, but no published writers.

Jen: Do you have a writing routine?

Selena: Routine? I wish I could nail down a routine some days. I have daily goals, sometimes I meet them and sometimes I don’t. My favorite time of the day to write is early mornings with my laptop, either at the Library or some place in my home where there is no Internet to distract me.

Jen: Do you have a theme, object or person that appears in all of your stories?

Selena: I would say my main characters (one character probably more than the other) possess a wicked sense of humor, and not take themselves too seriously. All my characters are passionate about whatever they are doing in their lives. Since I love to cook, food does play a role in my book, however, the heroines are not necessarily the ones who love to cook, but they all have their own favorite foods, just like we all do in life.

Jen: Is there a genre you’d like to write? Is there a genre you’ll probably stay away from? Why?

Selena: Some day I’d love to attempt an historical. The period that most intrigues me is the 1920’s. You know what they say, “never say never,” so at this moment, I can’t think of a genre that I would stay away from. I tend to be eclectic in my reading and writing, so I’m open to new genres.

Jen: What kind of research did you do for this book?

Selena: I interviewed a travel journalist and an investigative reporter so the language they used and protocol for traveling on assignments would be authentic. I also did some other research, but if I told you that, then it would I would be letting out a huge spoiler.

Jen: How much influence does the editor have over the story or characters?

Selena: I can only tell you my experience with both my books. In both cases, the editors were pleased with the submission and did not suggest any plot or character revisions. So far, knock on wood, I’ve had an extremely pleasant journey with editors and the process went smooth without complication.

Jen: If What A Girl Wants was made into a movie, which actors would you cast as the main characters?

Selena: If I had to pick a cast for What A Girl Wants, this would be my wish list:

Maddie — Isla Fisher.
Alex — I can’t think of an actor for him, however, if George Clooney and Carter Oosterhouse were brothers, and they had another brother (in his 30’s) then he would look like my Alex…oops, I mean Maddie’s Alex, I swear I’m not in love with him…any more…*sigh*….I’ve moved on. (Disclaimer: All the romance authors I know fall in love with the hero).
Felicia Saunders — Kim Cattrell
Reece Anderson — Rachel McAdams (with her blonde hair)
Tim Graham — Simon Baker
Maxwell Hollister — Michael Nouri
Crystal Washington — Sanaa Lathan

Now all I need is for Hollywood to contact me for a movie deal.

Jen: What did you do to celebrate your first book?

Selena: My first book, Sabrina’s Destiny, was so long ago, I can’t remember. Too many characters taking up space in my head these days. LOL We probably went out for dinner like we did when I received the contract for What A Girl Wants. After, I sent an email to all my family and friends to proudly announce my accomplishment.

Jen: What’s next for you?

Selena: Right now, my works in progress (two of them) are a shorter novel (no title yet) which is a romantic mystery-suspense, involving a heroine who runs a unique business (A Decoy Mistress Agency) and ends up in major trouble with the Russian mob. Maddie and Alex from What A Girl Wants will make a brief appearance in this book.

The second work in progress is a suspense/thriller set in Chicago. It’s police family versus Mafia family, layered with an alpha undercover cop and a headstrong mafia princess. It’s one of the hardest books I’ve written (still writing) because I keep adding more twists. My goal is to create a book filled with mounds of sexual tension, mystery and suspenseful enough to keep the reader at the edge of their seat.

Jen: Where can you be found on the web?

Selena: Selena’s Website:
Selena’s Blog:

Jen: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?

Selena: What propels you to buy a book? The cover? The blurb? Excerpts?

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