Review: Water by Nicki Greenwood

Water by Nicki Greenwood
Series: Elemental Series (#2)
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: 2011
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Water Elemental MORGAN CLIFTON has finally found her haven as the chef at a bed-and-breakfast on beautiful Nantucket Island. Then slick and sexy businessman TRENT WILLIAMS arrives to buy the property out from under her, and he’s equal parts infuriating and irresistible. Can she hang onto her senses and the secret of her gift, or will she lose her heart as well as her home?

Review:Ms. Greenwood takes us on a journey with the elements of earth. As we find out these adults who as children were exposed to something that changed their molecular structure giving them powers or whatever you want to call them.

I didn’t read book one so I am not real sure on how they came to be and it was touched on briefly in book two. I found this story rather enchanting and charming in a fairy tale sort of way.

Morgan Clifton leaves her brothers and sister in Montana in search of a home to call her own. Being a part of the water she ended up in a lovely B&B on beautiful Nantucket Island with Agnes. Who took her in, where she than became chef of the B&B. Falling in love with the gentle people of the area and the peacefulness of the water she was at home finally.

Then in walks Trent Williams, the business man who just bought the B&B. Trent lives for dissolving dreams, dismantling properties and selling them off in pieces.

When he arrives to make final arrangements on the Seaglass Inn, the last thing he expects to encounter is the mysterious chef, Morgan. Morgan does everything in her power and I mean her power to let him know that she isn’t leaving.

The more that they cross paths the more Trent finds he just can’t get Morgan from under his skin.

After some burnt dinners, lovemaking in the water, finding out about her powers or special gift we find things heat up and not just in the kitchen. Although that does happen. Trent finds his world being turned upside down. The shell he built on his tough exterior being thawed for good.

His parents are even changed by this lovely town and Morgan.

Ms. Christiansen is a winner with this charming story. Now off to read how it all began and await more about the others.

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