Review: Wanna Get Lucky? By Deborah Coonts

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts
Series: A Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure (# 1)
Release Date: May 11, 2010
Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
Page Count: 425
Source: book provided by the publisher

A young woman plunges from a Las Vegas sightseeing helicopter, landing in the Pirate’s lagoon in front of the Treasure Island Hotel in the middle of the 8:30 Pirate Show. Almost everyone writes her off as another Vegas victim.

But Lucky O’Toole smells a rat. She’s head of Customer Relations at The Babylon, the newest, most opulent mega-casino and resort on the Strip, so she’s got a lot on her plate: the Adult Film industry’s annual awards banquet, a spouse-swapping convention, sex toy purveyors preying on the pocket-protector crowd attending ElectroniCon…. Still, Lucky can’t resist turning over a few stones.

When a former flame is one of the snakes she uncovers, Lucky’s certain she’s no longer dealing with an anonymous Sin City suicide. To top it all off, Lucky’s best friend Teddie–Las Vegas’ finest female impersonator–presses to take their relationship to the next level. Leave it to Lucky to attract a man who looks better in a dress than she does.

Lucky must manage the Babylon’s onslaught of outrageous festivities, solve a murder, and struggle to keep her life and libido from spinning out of control… not to mention keep her balance in six inch heels.

Review:  I read the blurb for this book and was struck with interest when I read that is was about Vegas. Not to mention the fact that it pretty much starts out with some chick falling from a helicopter during the pirate show. The book had its hooks in me before chapter one was even over with. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. It didn’t seem to matter what Lucky had dealt with and put to rest, something was always happening and she had to clean up or put out the fire. When the chick falling from a helicopter (that belongs to “her” Casino) shows on the tv, it’s a mad rush to figure out the who, what, when, where, and how before her life as head of customer relations is a thing of the past.

Running around with her Nextel phone, Lucky starts putting together the pieces. At the same time she is trying to figure out just who she can trust. Let’s not forget to mention the fact she is also dealing with her “crazy” mom, and BFF who sparks her interest in more ways than she is ready to admit to.

There were parts of this book that had me laughing and parts that had me holding tight to the pages. The perfect book for those who like a little crime mystery and a dash of romance.

Favorite Quote:  Honestly when I was finished reading I had tags sticking out of the book all over. So my favorite back and forth in the book was:

“Now I get to see yours,” Dane reminded me.

“Well,” I said as I settled into the deep seat. “Before I turn my cards over, I call and raise you one dinner at the restaurant of my choice.”

He whistled. “It must be good.” He narrowed his eyes as he looked at my face. “Or you’re bluffing.” He waited a moment and then said, “Okay, I’ll play. What do you have?”

I smile and pressed the intercom switch. “Paolo, take us to Spanish Trail, the east entrance, please.”

“Remind me never to play poker with you,” Dane said he stared . . . .

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