Review: Time Slip by Caroline McCall

Cover page for Time Slip
Time Slip by Caroline McCall
Release Date: September 8, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Shocked by the brutal murder of her colleague, curator Ingrid runs for her life through the dark exhibit halls of the museum where she works—straight into the arms of Temporal Agent Strom. He’s been sent back in time to stop a twenty-sixth-century criminal who is stealing artifacts from the past.

Falling in love with Ingrid wasn’t part of the mission. Strom knows they can have no future together. Five hundred years separate them, but the attraction that flares between the couple is impossible to resist. Their brief, passionate affair has consequences. When Strom returns to his own century, Ingrid must find a way to send him a message across time.

Review:  I read this book in one sitting and recommended it highly. Don’t let the tag “sweet” fool you. There is plenty of heat and erotica in this tale of a time-traveling Viking and his lady fair.

A villain from the future is returning to the past and stealing historical artifacts to finance his criminal enterprises. Strom leads a group of super-soldiers into the past to capture their enemy. He must also solve the paradox of Ingrid, the beautiful historian shown in an ancient photograph wearing his ancestral family ring. His future and his past are changed by one phrase, “we think she is your wife.”

The character of Ingrid is wonderful. Although lovely and talented, she is not a Mary Sue. The best scene is where she attempts to seduce the savagely handsome and sexy Strom and fails miserably. That leads to a nightclub where the ferocious Strom finds her draped over one of his men, too drunk to stand. His jealousy is epic. Strom’s reluctance has nothing to do with rejecting Ingrid. He has fallen in love with her, heart and soul, but knows he must soon return to the future. By trying mightily to spare her heart and his – Strom ends up hurting them both. However, when he finally succumbs, the writer generates a wave of passion without a graphic anatomy lesson. It is erotic and sensual without being overly explicit.

Not going to give any spoilers. Just suffice it to say that the paradox at the heart of all time travel stories plays well here with a delightful twist and reveal and a serene happily-ever-after.

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