Review: Promise the Moon by Joyce Henderson

Promise the Moon by Joyce Henderson
Series: The Grandees Trilogy (# 1)
Release Date: May 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Page Count: 334
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Scarred by his father’s rejection, Garrett Montez prefers a life of solitude on the prosperous ranch he’s built on land bequeathed him by his grandfather. When his housekeeper quits, he is desperate to find another, but not the beautiful woman with gentle eyes and a sweet smile who arrives on his doorstep. Neither his ranch nor his heart needs the kind of trouble she could cause.

With nowhere to go, Neely O’Conner must find a job, but handsome and rugged Garrett Montez rejects her the minute he lays eyes on her. More determined than ever, she offers to work for a month without pay, hoping time will change his mind.

Does a mysterious woman hold the key to Garrett’s love, or can Neely crack through his iron-encased heart and…Promise the Moon?

Review: This is a well written historical romance set in the Old West that has laughter, tears, love, family, and lots of drama, conflicts and misunderstandings throughout the telling of the story. The feel of living on a ranch and all the hard work it entails as well as how many people it takes to make it successful is beautifully portrayed throughout the book. Neely and Garrett’s lives are intertwined almost from their first meeting when Neely is introduced to Garrett as his new housekeeper. There are not only twists and turns in the storyline but many obstacles are thrown at both of them that tend to keep them apart although there are many on the sidelines rooting for their love to prevail. It broke my heart when Neely ran away due to Lita’s manipulations as well as the denseness of Garrett not to be able to see what Lita was doing to her. The happily ever after took longer to reach than I expected with many of the misunderstandings continuing even after Neely and Garrett were reunited. I have not read any other books by this author but look forward to doing so. I also can’t wait to read the other books in this trilogy and hope that Garrett and Neely play a major part in the continuing story.

Favorite Quote: “Garrett hadn’t forgotten that episode on the way to Santa Barbara, and he was teasing her. Sinking to a kitchen chair, happiness warmed her heart. Happiness that he’d shared with her the rare lighthearted side of himself.”

“Heat sluiced through her, and not because of the temperature. Maria went on explaining the menu, unaware of the currents that passed between her and Garrett.”

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