Review: Pages of Promises by Stephen James Price

Pages of Promises: A Collection of Dark Fiction by Stephen James Price
Release Date: June 5, 2010
Publisher: Haunted Computer Books

Page Count:  232 pages
Source: book provided by the author 

Pages of Promises is a collection of 14 dark, speculative fiction stories straight out of the twisted imagination of Stephen James Price. From a paean to Stephen King to the child of a serial killer, Price explores dark corners of the human heart with wit and skill. At the end of the volume, Price allows the reader to glimpse the insights and incidents that gave birth to each story.

Review:  This book took my way out of my comfort zone. I really didn’t know what I was in store for when I first started reading this book. The stories were all very well written and left you guessing the outcome in most instances.

They weren’t what I expected at all. In fact I really didn’t know what to expect.

Each story a snippet that left you wondering if these could possibly be true. Then you say to yourself no they are fiction. They really left the imagination guessing. Mr. Price has a way of spinning each story in way the puts him right up there with some very successful authors that also write in this genre.

From the first story named after the title of the book, we find ourselves with a book that in a way grants the fulfillment of you wish. In this case the man was facing death due to cancer. This book draws him to it speaking and telling him that he will live forever but he (the book) needs blood to survive. Then blood is not enough he needs more, whole bodies. This is along the lines of “Little Shop of Horrors”. You want the man to survive but after killing all those people you knew something had to give.

So on goes the rest of the stories, some about grandmothers, those cute little blue haired ladies, with uncontrollable rage issues. There is even one that makes you think twice about those mom and pop dinner splattered across the highways in small towns everywhere. Santa even has a small story. Stories about cats and even man’s best friend…his dog or someone else’s in this case.

Family Obligations finds you not wanting to take granny in but making sure she stays in that nursing home.

Have you ever gone to the graveyard and taken a made rubbings of the markers? In this quirky story there is a guy who does this, with thousands of rubbings in his collection. A multi-million dollar book deal…well, I can’t give away the ending now can I. You’ll just have to read Final Chapter for yourself.

In the Magician, we have a small country town just waiting for the magician to arrive. Tents are set up and everyone dressed in their Sunday best. We are actually waiting for a magician, one who performs magic for entertainment values. Instead we find…Can’t tell you that either.

Each story takes you somewhere different and makes you think twice about allot of things.

If you enjoy the masters of horror writing you will be quite surprised with the writing of Mr. Price. In his own quirky way he takes you the writer to the very end of the story. You find yourself unable to guess or even speculate on the outcome before you finish reading. There is always a much unexpected twist.

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