Review: Journey in Time by Chris Karlsen

Journey in Time by Chris Karlsen
Series: Knights In Time (# 2)
Release Date: September 1,2011

Publisher: Books To Go Now
Source: ebook provided by the author

London attorney, Shakira Constantine finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client, Alex Lancaster. While riding in the countryside, the couple finds themselves caught in a time warp and transported back to the 14th century-and an England preparing for war. Everyone believes Alex is the Baron Guy Guisard, a baron who died in the upcoming battle.

If they can’t find a way to return to the 21st Century, Alex will have to sail with the army to certain death. Shakira will be left alone to survive in the alien and terrifying medieval world.

Review: Chris Karlsen delivers again. I read the first book, Heroes Live Forever, in this double feature of awesome reading. I have to say Alex Lancaster was my favorite character in Heroes. Which is funny because he wasn’t the main protagonist, that’s just the kind of character he is. Charming, intelligent, handsome with the right amount of alpha male qualities I crave. Therefore, when I saw that he had his own book I had to have it. Our fearsome leader, Jen, here at Romancing The Book contacted Chris and she sent me a copy to review. I thank them both.

Heroes Live Forever and Journey In Time essentially have the same formula. If you are unsure of what that is then I’ll explain. Romance authors will use a formula to build a story around. Most often times they don’t even realize it because with different settings, times, characters and conflicts the story is very different. However, Chris Karlsen has a formula…a successful one and she should keep using it.

She knows her characters tremendously well. They grow in the course of the book as they would if they were real people. Shakira Constantine is the perfect woman for Alex. Both are prideful, independent, attractive, and successful. But something else that I love about Chris’ books is that the conflict comes to a head. She does not shy away from the true challenges or heartaches in the relationships of the hero and heroine. Then like a great movie she provides a resolutions that leaves your reeling but blessedly sated.

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