Review: A Bride Unveiled by Jillian Hunter

A Bride Unveiled
A Bride Unveiled by Jillian Hunter
Series:  The Bridal Pleasure Series (# 2)
Publisher: Signet Select
Release: October 4, 2011
Page Count:  352 pages
Source: Library

Violet Knowlton is betrothed to the sensible, if tedious, Sir Godfrey Maitland. When Godfrey escorts her to a fencing demonstration, she looks forward to the adventurous diversion, but everything changes when she realizes the swordsman displaying his skill-and dashing good looks- is none other than her childhood friend Kit.

Soon the flames of their forbidden past ignite into a passion neither can refuse. Although Violet has been promised to another, Kit remains her first and only love. He vows he will possess her, no matter what stands in his way…

Cover/title: Beautiful and caught my attention right away.
Review: I haven’t read the other book in this series but I will now. I loved this book. It was great the way the characters interacted with each other! I was pulled in right away knowing that they were childhood friends and could just feel the tension build…

When they were younger, Violet watched him from a distance as he fought imaginary foes in a graveyard. Then, they became friends and frolicked and played before real life took him away from her. Now, she’s engaged and he’s back in the picture…what’s a girl to do? He takes her breath away and she knows that she’s been groomed her entire life to do what is right and proper but he’s just so tempting! Kit can’t believe his good fortune, it’s her, the one he always wanted to impress and protect but what’s he supposed to do – challenge her fiancée to a duel and kill him?

How these two danced around each other and society’s expectations was a joy to read. Violet’s Aunt, who raised her, surprises Violet by revealing more about her past than she had ever been told but she wasn’t the only surprise in this story. An old friend has sinister plans for the two lovebirds as well as an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows. The perfect blend of suspense, romance, and mystery!

Advice: Perfect reading for a long winter’s night!
Quote: He hesitated. “If there is ever anything you need, you have only to ask.” Page 143

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