Book Tour Interview: Theresa Meyers

Jen: Please help us welcome Theresa Meyers to Romancing the Book as her book tour makes a stop with us.  Theresa, will you share a short bio with us?

Theresa: The progeny of a slightly mad (NASA) scientist and a tea-drinking bibliophile who turned the family dining room into a library, Theresa Meyers learned early the value of a questioning mind, books and a good china teapot. A former journalist and public relations officer, she found far more enjoyment using her writing skills to pen paranormal novels in the turret office of her Victorian home. She’s spent nearly a quarter of a century with the boy who took her to the Prom, drinks tea with milk and sugar, is an adamant fan of the television shows Supernatural and Grimm, and has an indecent love of hats.

Jen: Can you tell us a little about The Hunter?
Theresa: Sure! I’ve found the best way to describe it is what would happen if you mashed together the television show Supernatural with Wild Wild West and added a dash of Indiana Jones. It’s the first in a series about three brothers in the 1880’s west named after their father’s favorite guns. Winchester, Remington and Colt are supernatural Hunters out to save the world from the Darkin they don’t even realize are real. Colt has been searching for his father’s lost piece of the Book of Legend, a compendium of all Hunter knowledge on how to defeat the Darkin. The only problem is he needs a demon to help him access the hiding place. But when he summons one, instead of a ugly horned monstrosity, he gets Lillith (Lilly) Arliss, a curvy, red-headed succubus who’s a danger to his very soul. She’ll help him on one condition–she wants his help in escaping her master to become human again. Together they have to brave hell hounds, death traps, giant mechanical scorpions and more to try and discover and retrieve the piece of the Book of Legend and prevent the end of the world as we know it.

Jen: What kind of research did you do for this book?

Theresa: I had books on mining in Arizona, books on western gunfighters and outlaws, historical costuming books, books on the Lost Dutchman Goldmine, mythology and historical timelines, Internet research on Tesla coils, clockwork horses, mechanical analytical machines, the uses and properties of different herbs and crystals, demon lore, vampire lore, shapeshifter lore, airships, scorpions, spiders, and much, much more. While I craft the story from my imagination, I like to have a lot of real building blocks to work with. That, and I really have fun with research because I’m always learning something new.

Jen: If The Hunter was made into a movie, who would you like to see in the staring roles?

Theresa: Logan Lerman (aka Percy Jackson) for young Colt, Chris Evans (aka Captain America) as Colt, David Giuntoli (television series Grimm) as Remington, Jensen Ackles as Winchester (Sincerely, I’ve had a massive fan-crush on Jensen since his Days of Our Lives and Dark Angel roles – how could I not want him in the film version of the book?) For the ladies it’s tougher. I think I’d love to see Milla Jovovoich (Milady de Winter) as Lilly Arliss the succubus, Angelina Jolie for the vampire Contessa Drossenburg and Juno Temple as the shapeshifter China McGee.

Jen: What is the most interesting comment you’ve received about your books?

Theresa: I really liked this quote from the starred review The Hunter received from Publishers Weekly, “Meyers piles on the gee-whiz moments and eyeball kicks–including a steam-powered freeze machine, electric stun guns powered by Tesla coils, and a clockwork horse–in a well-crafted, eminently enjoyable story that will leave readers wanting more time with the Jackson brothers.” I’d never heard the phrase eye-ball kicks before! I didn’t know I could do that!

Jen: What’s next for you?

Theresa: I’ve actually got a second book out this month as well, a urban fantasy novella about dark fae titled Shadowlander. That’s part of a series built around a family of sisters who can see the fae and are trying to stop an invasion of our world. Currently I’m working on edits for The Slayer (Winchester’s book), which comes out in April, and then I’ll be diving into writing Her Big, Bad Wolf, the next book in my Sons of Midnight mini series for Harlequin Nocturne. In January I’ll start writing on The Chosen (Remington’s book) and then in April jump to writing Shadow Hunter, the next book in the fae series. Juggling three series isn’t easy, but it is fun because I get to develop three very different worlds.

Jen: Where can you be found online?

Theresa: You can find me dabbling online on twitter at or at or you can find me on Tuesdays at

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