Review: Wrong Kind of Paradise by Suzie Grant

Wrong Kind of Paradise by Suzie Grant
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: self published
Page Count: 383
Source: ebook provided by author

Now Blac must choose between revenge against the British Lieutenant who’d ruined his family or keeping his word to the pirate who’d saved his life. Escorting the pirate’s daughter to her grandfather’s care becomes impossible when the little wanton steals his ship. Ordered by the Lieutenant to retrieve the woman they call the Hell’s Angel, Blac is determined to honor his word to his friend and use the wayward wanton as bait. But will his plan cost him the only woman to ever steal his heart?

Even the Hell’s Angel needs a guardian to adventure into the Wrong Kind of Paradise.
When Angel De’haviland’s father is imprisoned with charges of piracy, the pirate’s daughter commandeers a British privateer’s ship and plans to kidnap a high ranking official to ransom for her father’s release. But her attempted abduction is foiled by the very captain whose ship she’d stolen, and she becomes a captive herself. Now she must trust her handsome captor to free her father as he leads her right into the Wrong Kind of Paradise.

Review: Pirates, Adventure, Kidnapping and Romance, what more can you ask of a story. Ms. Grant has a way of writing such strong characters that get wrapped up in their lives and you don’t want to leave.

Hell’s Angel as Angel De’Haviland, is now known needs a Guardian. Who better to be her guardian, than the man she has been in love with her whole life, English Privateer Blac Barclay. Tall, dark and extreme blue eyes, Blac also happens to be her dad’s best friend.

Blac is torn between the revenge of a Lieutenant and the pirate who saved his life. Somehow revenge gets lost along the way and replaced by his loyalty to Angel’s father. Angel’s father Logan is captured, giving sole guardianship to Blac. Angel thinking that Blac betrayed her father ends up stealing his ship and becoming captain of said ship. Angel has her own plans to steal a high ranking official and use a ransom to have her father released.

Two years Blac chases her around the high seas. When they finally meet up he ends up kidnapping her back where he tries to fulfill his promise to her father and take her to her rich English grandfather so that she can then be raised as a proper lady.

All good plans collapse and these are no different. Blac falls for this little Hellion just as she has fallen for him or should I say it has always been him for her. Throughout all the adventures and mishaps along the way they truly fall in love. As they soon realize that they are a perfect fit. The adventure leads them to betrayal by a family member, where a price has been put upon her head.

It is a very riveting story that takes us on an action filled adventure, with plenty of romance along the way. Ms. Grant has written a must read for anyone who loves the pirate in us all.

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