Review: Watcher by Dorothy Cox

Watcher by Dorothy Cox
Publication Date: October 15, 2010
Publisher: Class Act Books
Page Count: 324
Source: ebook provided by author

I am the man on the park bench, the one behind you in line, and the one you pass on the street. I am everyone and I am no one. I am nothing to anyone, and if you have ever seen me you wouldn’t remember. Having never known my name, they simply call me Simon.

Lilly wasn’t supposed to notice me. She wasn’t supposed to remember me. She wasn’t supposed to talk to me–or fall in love with me. I wasn’t supposed to notice her ethereal beauty, or care what she thought of me, or want to see her again, or wonder what it would be like to…to…hug… her. I definitely was not supposed to fall in love with her.

What would the Counsel do to us if they ever found out?

Review: I just finished this book, and I must say . . . I am blown away. For me this was a new story line. Sure I have read the books where you have a team that keeps the demons under control, or the team that cleans up after the underworld creatures that roam the earth.

In this book, we have Simon.

Simon has a job where he is supposed to follow the souls of those that do bad, but not bad enough to be sentenced (you know, to Hell). Keeping track of their goings and comings, just waiting for the day that their good outweigh the bad. Simon does all this without being noticed. He’s not supposed to be noticed. Until one day, Lilly notices him. Thus begins the battle. The battle to do his job, and the battle to explore these feelings he was having . . the feelings he wasn’t supposed to be feeling. Follow in Simon’s footsteps as the pieces to his personal puzzle start to fall into place, and the time comes for decisions to be made.

What would you do? If you weren’t supposed to feel, you weren’t supposed to be noticed, and one day you did and you were?

This was an enjoyable read, one where you don’t want to skip a word. One that leaves you wondering . . what was that guy’s name you think you remember from the other day?

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