Review: The Ice Queen Cometh by Blair Valentine

The Ice Queen Cometh by Blair Valentine
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Source: ebook provided by publisher

When Nicolas Hoffman wakes up naked, chained to a wall and ordered to give three orgasms to a rival pack’s heiress, the sexy werewolf thinks his worst nightmare has come true. He vowed he’d never again be used for sex, but he is the last resort for the lovely and emotionally cold Jessenia Drake. She needs Nicolas’ hot touch and passionate lovemaking to break the curse that keeps her frozen.

The sex is sizzling and intense and Nicolas suspects someone wants to keep the heiress on ice in order to seize her power. But Jessenia has an additional concern. As her emotions return, her greatest fear is not remaining encased in a world of emotionless ice, but losing her heart forever to her handsome werewolf lover.

Review: Ms. Valentine takes us into the inner layer of how a pack works or in this case doesn’t work when the Alpha male all but gives up.

In this case Jessinia has had some sort of transformation (which happened on her twenty-first birthday) that left her virtually frozen to any kind of emotions.

Now, the survival of the pack rests on her shoulders. Thinking that she must have multiple (three) orgasms in a row to become normal again her father kidnaps Nicolas from a neighboring pack. After many attempts’ from male wolves within her pack, all left cold, none were able to thaw her.
Nicolas comes highly recommended by past girlfriends. He takes it slow and asks Jessinia about herself. Starting with a kiss, moving slowly, gaining her trust and warming her up, she learns to trust and love which in return leads to the thaw.

There is trouble within her pack and leads to problems for both, Nicolas and Jessinia.
Ms. Valentine takes us into a whirlwind courtship that eventually leads to love and the real reason behind Jessinia becoming known as the “Ice Queen”. This is a nice quick story for those of us who have busy schedules.

You’ll have to read to find out what eventually happens. I wouldn’t want to tell you everything.

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