Review: The Heir by Grace Burrowes

The Heir by Grace Burrowes
Release Date: December 1, 2010
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Page Count: 480
Source: book provided by the author

Anna Seaton is a diligent, superbly competent housekeeper who in addition has all the accomplishments of a well bred, well educated lady. She’s also beautiful and considerably younger than most other women similarly situated, leaving her employer, Gayle Windham, the Earl of Westhaven, with a puzzle. As Anna and Gayle grow closer, overcoming differences in station, personality, and expectations, Anna’s secrets threaten to bring the orderly earl’s life crashing down—and he doesn’t know how he’ll protect the woman he’s come to love from the problems she’s been outrunning for years.

Review: Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous ,stunning incredibly passionate and totally scandalous ! These are just a few words coming to mind when you enter the world of Grace Burrowes, in her debut book The Heir.

You get to know Gayle and Anna. Two very different people, one legitimate heir to the Duke of Moreland and the other a extremely beautiful woman and well educated working as a housekeeper?

Now that may seem ordinary but Anna is no ordinary woman even in today’s times I am sure you will agree that a well educated and beautiful woman will not be working as a housekeeper but something a little more powerful even in it is just being a proper lady !!!!!

At first devastatingly handsome Earl Gayle cannot even begin to understand why the talented bright clever young woman is working as housekeeper, but he still cannot control his attraction to her either. Nor can Anna deney her feelings for Gayle. Yes you guessed it they become close like only two people in love can be, but then no one knows the secrets that lie beneath.

Secrets so scandalous they can destroy not only the life of the Earl but all those involved in the world of Anna, Gayle knows the the fallout will destroy and completely break Anna and he knows he needs to protect her but how is the question of the hour.

Can Gayle protect the woman who has stolen his heart, will her secrets destroy is life to beyond repair? You’ll have to read it to find out.

In this stunningly written historical romance the authors takes you on a journey of pure romance with a twist you will never see coming! Nor will you be able to ever predict the end. Grace Burrows completely blows you away having you hang on every word as you travel with her on the most gorgeous historical I have ever read!

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