Review: Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead
Series: Georgina Kincaid (#6)
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: September 1, 2011
Page Count: 277
Source: Shannon’s Blog

In Georgina Kincaid, succubus and she-demon, #1 New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead has created one of her most enticing characters. But with a shot at love, and maybe even redemption, is the ultimate seductress finally going soft? Like hell she is. . .

Georgina Kincaid has had an eternity to figure out the opposite sex, but sometimes they still surprise her. Take Seth Mortensen. The man has risked his soul to become Georgina’s boyfriend. Still, with Lucifer for a boss, Georgina can’t just hang up her killer heels and settle down to domestic bliss. In fact, she’s being forced to transfer operations. . .to Las Vegas.

The City of Sin is a dream gig for a succubus, but Georgina’s allies are suspicious. Why are the powers-that-be so eager to get her away from Seattle—and from Seth? Georgina is one of Hell’s most valuable assets, but if there’s any way out of the succubus business she plans to take it—no matter how much roadkill she leaves behind. She just hopes the casualties won’t include the one man she’s risking everything for. . .

Review: Finally, things look like they are coming together for Georgina Kincaid. Sure she’s lost her job at Emerald City Books and her good friend Doug, but she still has her demon friends and most importantly she had Seth Mortensen.

Of course, having Seth comes with a cost. She’s has to compromise with him on her no sex rules (because what Succubus wouldn’t want to save the soul of the man she loves), but she figures losing a little piece of him every few months was worth it.

Unfortunately, her bosses in Hell can’t risk that.

Where do you send a succubus you’re trying to control? Why Las Vegas of course. Only things with this transfer aren’t what they seem an it takes Roman, Carter, and Hugh to figure out why Hell is hellbent on getting Georgina out of Seattle.

This, the last book in the series, did not disappoint (especially for those of us that have been waiting what seems like forever for it). The road to Georgina’s happily ever after did not come easily. Her first life, the one she’s been running from all these years, comes crashing down on her just as she’s dealing with the issue of her contract. Instead of doing what she normally does when that first life rears it’s ugly head, she instead stayed and fought. Fought for her soul and fought for Seth.

It was refreshing to finally see Georgina realizing that maybe, just maybe, she’s paid for the mistakes of her past life and it was her time to find happiness.

This was a great ending to a wonderful series. Have the Kleenex ready, because Seth and Roman will have you wiping those tears away in a couple of scenes!

Favorite Quote: He reached out and tipped my chin up. “You do, Georgina. And if you don’t believe me now, then strive to be. Live your life. Be kind. Love those you know. Lost those you don’t know. Be worthy of your soul.”

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