Review: Not His Type by Shanna Hatfield

Not His Type by Shanna Hatfield
Series: The Women of Tenacity (#3)
Release: June 18, 2011
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Source: eBook from BookRooster

Anna Zimmerman has spent her entire life hiding in the shadows and perfecting her status of wallflower. She is a self-declared old maid. Washed up and doomed at the ripe old age of 24 to live alone in a tiny apartment full of cats. And she really isn’t all that fond of cats.

Jake Chandler, a cowboy too handsome for his own good, likes his women petite, blond and outgoing. When a chance encounter brings him nose to nose with the tall librarian across the street, he discovers his type of girl might be expanding to include statuesque brunettes.

First, he has to convince Anna to come out of her shell before he can prove she is the perfect woman for him.

Cover/title: Cute, whimsical, perfect!

Review: From the first time they met, I enjoyed the story of these two characters who were exact opposites.

She was a quiet, timid librarian and he was a real ladies man – with rules on how to have fun. He is positive that she’s just not his type and she has no idea what her type even is. She’s a loner, shy, timid, and yet the complete opposite on her family’s farm.

While the story at times seemed predictable, it was very enjoyable to watch as they ended up together. I also enjoyed reading about their family and friend’s reaction to their relationship. He’s NEVER ever brought a girl home to meet his family so it was hilarious for him to be the very last one to figure out he loves her. Her reaction to his attention surprised me, a total makeover and a new muscle car.

Overall, an enjoyable read for a rainy night!

Quote: “Hmm?” he rumbled in response, his breath warm by her ear. “I’m so glad I’m not your type of girl.” Jake chuckled and pulled her closer, “Me, too, Sugar. Me, too.”

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