Review: The Lily and the Falcon by Jannine Corti-Petska

The Lily and the Falcon by Jannine Corti-Petska
Release Date: Sept. 9, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Source: ebook provided by publisher

Bianca degli Albizzi is outraged when sworn enemy Cristiano de’Medici asks for her hand in marriage. With her father’s blessing, she weds the handsome warrior to end the war between Florence’s two powerful families. But headstrong Bianca vows to teach her husband that loyalty cannot be bought…not even by seduction. Cristiano, a well-known warrior with the wealth of a king, could have any woman he desires. But for the sake of peace he ends up with a defiant bride who awakens his deepest passion. Her vengeful scheming puts them both in peril, but is he prepared to sacrifice his life to safeguard the woman who has stolen his heart?

Review: Upon first getting this story I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But after starting I wanted to keep reading to find out the outcome. This story takes us on a journey into the lives of two families at war with each other, in Italy. Struggling to find a way to gain peace, we find an unlikely marriage that reminds us of Romeo and Juliet.

As the story starts we find Bianca degli Albizzi following her brother’s and a few of his friends into enemy territory to try and poison one of their elder’s. Only to be found out by Christiano de-Medici the elder’s nephew.

After talking to Bianca and her brother’s he allows them their freedom. He finds himself a little drawn to Bianca. As he goes around collecting tax money he finds that she is not like her rich relatives but instead poor and works in her family’s bakery. He decides to offer her father a deal for her hand in marriage.

As the courting before the nuptials take place her brother causes problems and doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Piero threatens his family if they don’t help him and his cause.

Meanwhile Bianca is out to prove to her new husband that loyalty cannot be purchased, not even with seduction. She falls for him but not without the obstacles that come with every relationship.

Christiano, for the sake of peace ends up with a defiant bride and he isn’t quite sure how to handle her. He is afraid that his temper will come forth and he will end up like his father, beating his wife. But Bianca unleashes his deepest passion and although he does get angry with her, he finds he would never hurt her physically. Yet, emotionally he hides his true feelings from her. Until one day it all tumbles out.

Christiano soon realizes that he would give up all that he has for Bianca.

Bianca realizes before Christiano of her love for him and that her loyalty truly does lie with him and his family. But, she has allot to overcome in order to gain his complete trust.

Love of the right person does help to overcome everything that is put in your way.

Ms. Corti-Petska tells a love story that is gentle and filled with much emotion and turmoil. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a happy ending to the age old tale of two families at war only to find peace through an unlikely coupling.

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