Review: It’s Always Been You by Victoria Dahl

It’s Always Been You by Victoria Dahl
Series: York Series (# 2)
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Pages: 343
Source: book provided by publisher

Once She Slipped Through His Fingers. . .

Aidan York has spent ten years mourning the woman he once loved and lost. He’s filled the void in the only way he knows—by distracting himself with wild behavior and scandalous trysts. It’s a hollow existence, but it dulls the pain. Until the day he encounters a ghost: the woman he thought drowned at sea, alive and as enchanting as ever. . .

Now He’ll Keep Her In His Arms. . ..

When Kate Hamilton sees the man she once hoped to spend her life with, she is hit with a storm of memories and longing. But though resisting Aidan’s passion proves impossible, Kate must try not to love him all over again. For her seemingly quiet London life shields a dangerous secret, one that will catch up to her the moment she lets herself fall. . .

Cover/title: Gorgeous cover.
Review: Oh, the lost love of youth! This book had me hooked from the very beginning…I wondered to myself…was it because it started with Aidan’s glimpse of a woman that reminded him of someone he lost or was it because both Aidan and Kate were fated to be together? Regardless, this is one I devoured in a few hours.

Aidan and Kate were young lovers but when she told her father she wanted to marry him, and could marry no one else since she was ruined, a horrible hand was dealt to them both. She was sent away to a tropical island, sold to a man who didn’t want her so her father could collect her dowry. Aidan spent his days and nights mourning her death since her family shared the story of how she died tragically at such a young age. Ten years later (be still, my beating heart), he STILL stops each and every time he thinks he might be spotting someone that reminds him of Kate…

Kate’s version is a tad bit different than her family’s. She was sold to a man who didn’t want her but also tormented by his stepson who did want her, badly. Trying to make a new life for herself, yet stay safe and away from anyone who might know her, she has opened up a coffee shop using her knowledge from the decade she spent on the island.

Watching these two characters reconnect was sizzling and incredibly heartbreaking. While she feels that he betrayed her by never rescuing her, he can’t believe she’s alive. The biggest twist of all though is that both are hiding a secret. Once the secrets are exposed, how they work through the repercussions kept me flipping the pages as quickly as I could read.

Advice: From the very first page I was hooked!

Quote: There. A woman walked far ahead, her dark green skirt kicking out slightly with each step she took…Aidan frowned at the way his pulse leapt. Page 2

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