Review: Icing on The Cake by Becky Moore

Icing on The Cake by Becky Moore
Release Date: 2011
Publisher: XOXO Publishing
Page Count: 59
Source: ebook provided by author

Sometimes, being the charismatic ‘Mister Popular’ of hockey just isn’t enough. For Quinn Dawson, star right winger for the Carolina Oak Leaves national hockey team, there was no truer statement. Caught in the middle of a sex scandal involving the owner of his team’s wife, Quinn soon finds himself public enemy number one. Guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time more than actually being a bad guy, he bears the brunt of public humiliation.

Journalist Hellon Masters is also a fan favorite, both in the medium market that broadcasts her weekly magazine program, and in the national market that broadcasts her monthly road trip series on CBS Sunday Morning. When she fills in for her station’s sports reporter one morning on her way to the Governor’s Mansion, where she’s set to cover the State’s annual financial summit meeting, Hellon discovers  that the Mighty Quinn is harmless when he’s out of his pads. He’s dreamy, and sweet and gentle.

But in the face of adversity, it seems the budding romance between Quinn and Hellon is doomed before it can ever take root. She’s got a choice to make, and it’s now compounded by the fact that Quinn is reaching out to her, soul to soul, heart to heart. Their introduction may have provided an instant connection, burning hot enough to melt the ice on any surface, but their geographical distance is hell on a sketchy relationship.

Quinn’s exile is not only making Hellon cranky and unbearable, but it’s wreaking havoc on his psyche, affecting his time on the ice, and killing his charismatic openness that legions of fans found so compelling. Taking a leap of faith, Hellon accepts Quinn’s challenge to close the continental divide and finds her efforts to be the icing on the cake.

Review: I love a good romance novel. I love a good author. I loved this story! It’s a short story, just 59 pages, but Becky Moore packs it full of passion and awesomeness.

I won’t go into a big long to do with this story, as it’s so short, I’m bound to giveaway the plot. But, I will say that I instantly fell in love with hot, lovable Quinn. Hellon, well, I enjoyed her character but I just couldn’t get enough of that Quinn! Two people who feel the heat, feel the attraction, yet, know it can’t ever work out. They’re too far apart distance wise, and emotionally, but they can’t deny what’s raging in their hearts. All this emotion distracts Quinn in the rink, and Hellon, well she really brings out the term “hell on wheels” when she can’t get over her feelings for Quinn.

I totally recommend this with 4 stars. It’s a fun, captivating, quick read that will leave your heart pounding and a smile on your face. I went back and looked at Becky Moore’s other works, and I can’t wait to get started on them! Great job, Becky!

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