Review: The Heartbreaker by Maddie James

The Heartbreaker by Maddie James
Release Date: June 5, 2010
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Page Count: 196
Source: ebook provided publisher

The Heartbreaker is back in town. But whose heart will get broken this time?

As athletic director for the Parks Department, Lucki Stevenson spends most of her time coaching unruly teenagers instead of giving her heart a much-needed pep talk. And when all-grown-up, boy-next-door, Dr. Sam Kirk moves back to town, Lucki wants to forfeit the game of love completely! Sam broke her heart once before, and she won’t give him a chance to do it again…

Returning home to care for his younger brother J.J., after his mother’s death, Sam is happy to accept Lucki’s expert advice about kids-and even happier that the tomboy he remembers is now a beautiful woman. When Lucki agrees to help him with J.J., Sam is sure he’s on the road to success as an instant parent, and possibly as a husband-but first he’s got to convince Lucki that he’s not the heartbreaker he once was, and that good guys do finish first…

Review: A contemporary romance that captured my attention from the first words on the first page. The romance had many unexpected twists and turns with sadness and sorrow thrown in due to misunderstandings – some that went back years. There were also chuckles and laughter along the way given some of the antics of the various characters as well as plenty of wooing and romance. The story would build up and you would think you knew what was coming but the author would take you down a different path. This happened several times throughout the story but it just added to the plot. The ending was what I was rooting for but once again the author got you there in a totally unexpected way. This is the second book of Maddie James that I’ve read for a review but it won’t be my last. I love the way she writes and will look for more of her books in the future. I recommend this book – maybe you too can uncover another favorite author.

Favorite Quote: “Relax Lucki,” he whispered. “Just relax. I’ll take care of everything.” He stroked several loose locks of hair from her forehead, then reaching back, undid the elastic holding her ponytail and let her hair fall free.

Lucki searched his face and her breath caught in her throat. That he would go to this length to please her, to woo her…what did it mean? Was Sam, the boy next door, really in love with her. Was this forever?

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