Review: Desire Unleashed by Savannah Stuart

Desire Unleashed by Savannah Stuart
Series: Miami Scorcher (# 5)
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Source: ebook provided by publisher

Turned into a shifter against his will, Ethan Connell would have died if the Lazos pack hadn’t given him shelter. While he’s grateful to them all, there’s one she-wolf he can’t get out of his head. Sweet, sensuous Caro, who not only saved his life but sets his body on fire and triggers his every possessive instinct. But she’s made it clear she just wants only his friendship.

At first he scoffs at the idea and after six months of biding his time, he makes his move. Instead of rejection, she meets him with a passion he’s only dreamed about, and Ethan knows he’s playing for keeps. If only she’ll let him…

Review:  Ms. Stuart takes us to man-made werewolf vs. handed down through the bloodlines werewolf. Will it be a happily-ever-after?

Ethan Connell is injected with wolf blood which makes him turn. He didn’t ask for this to happen but it did and if not for Caro finding him and her pack the Lazos taking him in he would have died.
They taught him all that there is about being a werewolf.

Nathan has fallen for Caro, but she feels it is mostly gratitude. But to Nathan this she-wolf is very sensuous and the one he wants to have as his mate.

They decide to be friends and every Friday for the last six months they have a standing ‘date’, movie and popcorn. But as with most friendships things change over the course of the relationship and this is no different for these two wolves. As things turn to passion and it starts to heat up.
Ethan knows he wants to mark her as his mate but can he convince Caro of that fact?

This is a nice story for that lunchtime break. But be warned…you just might want more.

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