Review: Cursed Laird by Tara Nina

Cursed Laird by Tara Nina
Series: Cursed MacKinnons (#3)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Release Date: August 24, 2011

Source: ebook provided by publisher

Book three in the Cursed MacKinnons series.While diving for treasure, Caledonia uncovers a statue of a hot Scottish laird. When a lovelorn ghost appears with a sad tale and anti-curse, Caledonia’s life takes a spin toward the implausible. Especially when nightfall comes and the statue transforms into a gorgeous hunk right before her eyes. Her need to help turns into uncontrollable lust that a one-time, mind-blowing sexual adventure in his arms cannot sate.Struan MacKinnon wakes to learn over two hundred years have passed. He lands in the arms of a lass with a sexual drive that matches, if not surpasses, his own. The little wildcat ignites his lust and warms his heart in a way he has never experienced. But he is not free to love her.Imprisoned by a curse, he’s man by night, stone by day. Caledonia has her work cut out for her. She must win his heart in order to save his soul.

Review: Tara Nina took me on an adventure the minute I started the story and I didn’t want to stop reading for a second. A well written story about a Scottish treasure hunter; who lost everything in a divorce but finds so much more.

From the minute you meet Calidonia you feel as if you have known her forever. All her life she has been haunted by a poem, she found as a young girl with her two best friends the O’Reilly’s. As a seasoned diver and treasure hunter she finds herself drawn to the lake near her home.
While diving off her father’s boat she finds a statue of a Scottish Laird. And what a statue he is. He seems so real that although he is stone Calidonia finds herself lusting after him and finding that she wants and needs to know more about him.

Whispered suggestions are sent to her from the wind or whatever it is that helps her in deciphering the poem from her childhood. In her dreams she dreams of this hunky Scottish Laird. She soon finds out that the statue is that of Struan McKinnion. Over two hundred years ago a curse was put on his six brothers and himself.

You think waking two hundred years later is bad enough, just finding out that you are stone by day and human by night is more than enough to though you into a tailspin. Then you add beautiful Calidonia on top of that and you have a beautiful love story.
With the help of a guardian angel from Struan’s past, Calidonia is able to bring him half way out of the curse and do the sparks ever fly. Hot, steamy love scenes that make you want to run for a cold shower.

As they work together to break the curse totally they find themselves falling in love but, at first not sure if it is just sex or more.
Not wanting to give away the whole story you will just have to pick this story up and read it for yourself.

I look forward to more of the McKinnion’s and also reading the previous two books to see how this all started. A most enjoyable book with; Spirits, Gargoyles, and lots of hot steamy sex, along with all the romance you can ask for. A perfect love story that makes me wanting more, thanks you Tara. I look forward to reading more.

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