Review: Captive Legacy by Theresa Scott

Captive Legacy by Theresa Scott
Release Date: June 10, 2011
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Page Count: 308
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Heading west to the Oregon Territory and an arranged marriage, Miss Dorie Primfield never dreamed a virile stranger would kidnap her. Dorie’s abductor is everything she’s ever desired in a man, yet she’s not about to submit to his white-hot passion without a fight.

Zander Durban’s Indian mother was only a country wife — rejected after his white father married a woman like Miss Dorie Primfield. The whole practice irks him, white men taking Indian women as temporary, country wives only to put them aside when an “acceptable” bride comes out west. Zander refuses to watch one more Indian woman suffer and decides intervention is needed. He kidnaps the proper Miss Primfield and takes her as his country wife.

But Dorie isn’t like the woman who married his father and by a twist of fate he finds himself falling for her. Can they turn a captive legacy into an endless love?

Review: Having always enjoyed stories about historical America, especially the untamed West, I couldn’t wait to start reading. Initially the story started out slow and I had a hard time staying interested. After the first few chapters the tempo did pick up although I never really felt the zing I was hoping for. It had a great plot idea but I didn’t feel any sort of connection with Zander or Dorie.

Without trying to give away too much of the story, Dorie does eventually learn what a country wife was. In my opinion, this was a missed opportunity to incorporate some fireworks. Where was the yelling and screaming? It felt like an afterthought. The whole situation was glossed over. I was also confused as to why the two “bad guys” in the story were constantly being hired as guides. I realize times were different back then but I would like to think they had some common sense. The ending was also a bit too tidy. Fireworks!! Where are the fireworks?

Overall, the story did keep me interested enough to finish it and I was content with the ending but unfortunately it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

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