Review: Broken by David H. Burton

Broken by David H. Burton
Release date: June 15, 2011
Publisher: Stonehenge Press
Pages: 246 pages
Source: Received from publisher for review

Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, Katherine Gregory receives a letter from her deceased mother. It details a faery curse in which the eldest child in each generation will die in their twenty-fifth year. Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, a new love interest comes knocking, and her first love has returned – neither men are what they seem, and Katherine may have to choose between them. Three days before her twenty-fourth birthday, Katherine must decide if this is all real, or if the strange visions she’s been having are just a figment of her imagination. The race to unravel the mystery begins, and Katherine must solve it – for any day after her birthday could be her last.

Review: David H. Burton’s talent for weaving an intriguing, engrossing and magnificent tale explodes in Broken.

When I had first read about this novel, I was instantly intrigued. I love a great paranormal story and even though Broken is sub-titled as a paranormal romance, there is not an excessive amount of romance. So those who may be looking for gushy love, no need to apply here. However, there is a bit of a love triangle twisted throughout the story, as well as some steamy scenes which leave the pages sizzling.

The main character, Katherine Gregory, has always felt as though she was different. Beginning as a young child, she had strange visions; complete with that a little green guy trying to communicate with her. Her mother was never the loving, caring type (though doting endlessly on her brother) and she just never felt as though she completely “fit”. After a doctor prescribed her medication, the hallucinations fled and life was a bit more normal, or at least as much as it could be for Katherine.

It is when she runs out of her prescription and shortly after her mother dies that the visions once again begin. Add to this a cryptic note left within a lockbox at the bank and Katherine is about to make an unnerving and horribly frightful discovery.

A pawn in an unthinkable scheme by her mother, Katherine learns that her life will end anytime within the year, from the day that she turns 24. Her birthday is only 3 short days away and time is quickly running out.

With the help of a long-time friend/recently turned lover, Katherine embarks on a journey to uncover truths, save her life and break a long standing faery curse that has blanketed her family in a shroud of darkness and death for generations.

In Broken, I truly felt myself sinking into the story; the descriptions and characters are incredibly vivid and captivating. David H. Burton presents his readers with a world of faeries, paranormal, darkness and intrigue. He uses his words seamlessly to paint images and scenes upon the reader’s minds which leave a lasting impression, even after the last word is read. The love triangle between Katherine, her current lover and a long-lost first love brings sizzle and heat to the novel as well. The fight against time and meeting the maker of her death adds excellent intrigue and suspense. I truly loved the characters within this tale and felt that the character development was wonderfully done.

Full of twists and turns, highs and lows and plenty of surprises, Broken is a story that will appeal to many readers, male and female alike. Anyone looking for an entertaining and multi-dimensional read will do well to pick up a copy of Broken by David H. Burton.

Favorite Quote: James continued dancing around the room, kissing my nine-month-old head and cheeks.

I remembered that of my mother, she never touched me unless she needed to. She had never fawned over me like she had Geoffrey.

Tears slid down my cheeks as I realized someone had loved me after all. I didn’t think a ghost could cry. I wiped my tears.

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