Review: Black Jack by Mari Carr

Black Jack by Mari Carr
Release Date: May 20, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Source: ebook provided by publisher

When pirate Black Jack captures a ship at sea, he considers the territorial governor’s haughty daughter part of the spoils of war. Tying the fiery beauty to his bed, Jack claims Emma as his…over and over again.Jack has a secret. One he’s kept hidden from his best friend Emma… When she calls in a favor, asking Jack to perform in a pirate fetish fantasy at the nightclub she manages, Emma inadvertently opens Pandora’s box—for both of them. As portraying a dominant pirate forces more of Jack’s secret desires to light, Emma finds herself enmeshed in sensual explorations of BDSM, wax play, bondage and sex in public that leave her questioning her vanilla existence. When a second heated interlude on the stage finds her submitting to Jack, Emma suspects she’ll never find her way back to her simple missionary lifestyle. But with Jack in control…she’s not sure she wants to.

Review: What better way to let your best friend know you are in love with them than by acting sexual fantasies on stage at a BDSM club. Emma gets into a bind and when the show must go on Jack is there to the rescue to help her in any way shape or form. Literally in any shape, way or form since the sexual fantasy they will be playing out on stage will have Emma in some very compromising positions. With the help of their buddy and also Emma’s business partner Travis, they are sure to set the stage on fire. But will Emma really know Jack’s true intentions, that is something he has to make sure he can convince her of.

A little back story on this book, Mari Carr came up with this idea thru a conversation happening one day on a Yahoo group chat. Pirates were the talk du jour and ideas were getting bounced off and voila all of a sudden she starts getting ideas in her head and the rest as they say is history. This is by far my favorite Mari Carr story. I love the chemistry between Jack and Emma, there is just something about friends to lover’s stories that I am intrigued about and Mari always do these justice. And oh my goodness the intimate scenes are scorchers, even made me blush which I didn’t think it was possible. Love the way it blended modern world with old world, very fascinating. Can’t wait for Travis story!

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