Review: A Ghostly Charm by M J Frederick

A Ghostly Charm by M J Frederick
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: August 10, 2011
Source: ebook provided by publisher

An isolated island off the coast of South Carolina, a cursed Celtic symbol, a ghost tour led by a handsome charlatan, and a reporter determined to debunk anything supernatural come together in A Ghostly Charm.

Maddy Saunders has come to McDavid Island on assignment for a new magazine, wondering how she’ll ever rebuild her ruined reputation by writing about ghosts.

Mal Sheridan leads a ghost tour to bring business to the island for his sister’s New Age shop. Business is good as long as no one is looking too closely. When his creative stories start to come true, he has to figure out why there are ghosts where there weren’t before.

Maddy decides to help Mal figure out why this is happening, while fighting her attraction for this inappropriate man. She has to put her faith in Mal, in something she never thought she could believe, to break a curse.

Review: As we enter the South Carolina Coast we find ourselves ready to go to McDavid Island and become a ghost hunter. With ghost hunting all the rage now this was a fun and spirited story. No pun intended.

Maddy Saunders, for a while had thought about leaving her job as a reporter for a magazine, but when the name was changed to Adventure Magazine she really thought she should have left long ago. Her boss gave her the assignment to go on a Ghost hunting adventure at McDavid Island.

Maddy visits her friends antique shop and find an item that normally she would have purchased after her adventure but instead was drawn to purchase it before she left. She finds that it is connected to the McDavid family and the island.

As she boards the ferry and arrives at the island she looks over the brochure trying to get a feel for the story she needs to write. As she enters the small town she finds it to be quite beautiful and peaceful. Little does she know that is all about to change. Entering a small diner she comes across others that appear to be there for the ghost hunting adventure.

As Kari scopes out the others in the group in walks, this somewhat gorgeous guy who has the Elvis swagger down. He announces that he is Mal Sheirdan tour guide for the ghost hunting adventure. He evens comes with sidekick/partner Justin Stromberg. To make things even more interesting we discover he even has groupies.

As they head out for a night of ghostly fun, you can’t help but get caught up in the humor of the story. Mal and Justin usually have things staged but this tour takes them into a new realm or plain as for some unforeseen reason the piece of jewelry that Kari purchased unleashes real ghosts and some aren’t so nice.

As we find out Kari and Mal, find they are attracted to each other. Kari tries her best to fight it but the ghosts see things differently. They must work together to help the ghosts enter their realm.

Ms. Frederick takes us on a journey into the world of Ghosts. I found this story very entertaining. It was funny, sexy and passionate. I definitely wanted so much more. It was a quick, engaging story that keeps you entertained from the very first page.

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