Review: The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker

The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker
Release Date: September 13,2011
Publisher: Atria Books
Page Count: 288
Source: book provided by publisher

Together for over a decade, Kyra and David Winter are happier than they ever thought they could be. They have a comfortable home, stable careers, and a young son, Michael, whom they love more than anything. Yet because of their complicated histories, Kyra and David have always feared that this domestic bliss couldn’t last – that the life they created was destined to be disrupted. And on one perfectly average summer day, it is: Michael disappears from his own backyard.

The only question is whose past has finally caught up with them: David feels sure that Michael was taken by his troubled ex-wife, while Kyra believes the kidnapper must be someone from her estranged family, someone she betrayed years ago.

As the Winters embark on a journey of time and memory to find Michael, they will be forced to admit these suspicions, revealing secrets about themselves they’ve always kept hidden. But they will also have a chance to discover that it’s not too late to have the family they’ve dreamed of; that even if the world is full of risks, as long as they have hope, the future can bloom.

Lyrical, wise, and witty, The Winters in Bloom is Lisa Tucker’s most optimistic work to date. This enchanting, life-affirming story will charm readers and leave them full of wonder at the stubborn strength of the human heart.

Review: Kyra and David Winter seem to have the perfect life. A strong marriage, great careers and a beautiful son named Michael. On an ordinary summer day their perfect life begins to crumble when Michael disappears from their backyard. They each suspect the past they have been running from for so long has finally caught up to them. Krya and David begin to realize that in order for them to move forward, they must revisit the past they have hidden from each other.

Lisa Tucker’s novel The Winters in Bloom is so much more than a story about a missing child. This is a story that sheds light on the complexity and fragility of a family dealing with many issues. Parental abandonment, drug abuse, postpartum depression and guilt are just a few of the issues the Winters must confront while dealing with the heartbreaking disappearance of Michael.

At times The Winters in Bloom was dark, but this is one of the best books I have read this year. The plotting with all of the twists and turns is absolutely brilliant. The character’s flaws are written with such compassion and humility. Lisa Tucker weaves the secrets of the Winters family into a haunting story. The characters have stayed with me long after I finished this book. This was the first book I have read by Lisa Tucker and it certainly will not be the last. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Favorite Quote: “They each came into the marriage with so many cracks inside themselves that it would have been nothing short of astonishing if having a child together had somehow sealed these cracks forever”.

“You had to be a mother when you didn’t want to; that was how you earned the right to be one when you did”.

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