Review: When a Pack Dies by Gwen Campbell

When a Pack Dies by Gwen Campbell
Release Date: June 4, 2010
Series: Wyoming Wild (#1)
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Page Count: 411 ebook format
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Can a young werewolf who’s lost everything learn to trust enough to love again?

Fina had a life, a family, a future until a pack of rogue werewolves showed up and killed everyone she’d ever loved. Escaping with the only other survivor, a six-year old boy named Ryan, Fina crash lands in Wyoming, in the middle of a huge pack led by a sheriff with a streak of bad-ass that goes bone deep. Weres, especially young and on the run ones, need the safety of a pack and when the sheriff gets his first whiff of little miss hellfire from back east, decides for her that his pack is where she’ll be staying for good. Problem is the sheriff’s equally yummy brother wants Fina too. Fina’s safe for now that is until the rogues come sniffing around, demanding the return of their woman. And they’re willing to kidnap Fina’s best human friend and threaten to change her unless Fina comes trotting back home.

Review: This is the second book that I have read by author Gwen Campbell. I loved how the book opened up, immediately into the action. Which in turn pulled me in and kept me reading. The author definitely spent a lot of time developing the characters and the world of her werewolves. Not only is Fina young just barely out of high school and planning on going to college with a human friend but then she is now placed as surrogate mother for Ryan. Both of them have serious issues to deal with after having lost their families.

Fina has gone through a traumatic experience with her whole pack being killed with the exception of a young pack member named Ryan. She finds the little boy as she is fleeing her old home from rogue werewolves. On the run she winds up in Sheriff Cutler Powell’s territory and under his radar. Immediately Cutler recognizes her as his mate and brings her under his protection.

Cutler is true to his nature and very Alpha. I loved that about him. I liked the instant attraction that he felt for her and how he quickly took charge and decided that the only place for Fina and Ryan would be within his home. Cutler was all brawn yet he had brains too.

Next enter Nathaniel Powell, Cutler’s brother who runs his own Eco-tourism business and lives in the house with Cutler. Now herein lies the rub. I liked Nathaniel or Nath as they called him, but I didn’t think he was totally necessary to being mated with Fina as well. I do think he was excellent in the story, but I felt he should have had his own mate and not have had to share Fina.

So now not only does Fina get the Alpha of the pack she gets the beta. The sex scenes were extremely hot and inventive. Without going into detail I think that the reader will know hands down which scene I am saying was the most inventive. If your looking for heat, the author has brought it. Be advised some things within these pages are taboo.

Though this book wasn’t my absolute favorite, I will definitely be looking for more from Gwen Campbell as I enjoy her writing.

Favorite Quote: An unsubtle glance told Fina that that thick seductive ridge rising against the fastening of Nath’s sturdy hiking shorts wasn’t an errant hot dog that had fallen off its stick.


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